Friday, 3 October 2008

Breaking All the Rules!

Who says you can't mix vertical and horizontal stripes? I think Small Child demonstrates here that you can break the fashion rules and still be perfectly stylish! The chosen outfit was specially selected by her good self, for our open day visit to the village school that she'll attend next year.

I must admit I went along with some trepidation as my school days don't exactly hold the same happy, fluffy, secure memories  that nursery and preschool have provided for our little girl so far.
I'm pleased to report that we were completely blown away by the environment, staff, happy atmosphere and year six pupils who showed us around. My... how things have changed! I don't ever remember being that confidant, eloquent and polite at the age of ten!

Small Child had been counting down the number of sleeps until the school visit and woke up full of beans.... at ...(fanfare please)... 8.45!!! Complete bonus on our sneaky mid week day off! She then informed us that she didn't want us to come to the school with her but to "leave me there on my own please", and when it was time to leave... she flatly refused! At some point during the proceedings her and Other Half disappeared; upon their return when asked where they'd got to, he leaned in and whispered "Biggus Dumpus" in my ear! After I'd recoiled in horror and shot him a "You Didn't?" look, he shook his head and gestured towards the culprit,  seeming quite proud that his daughter had already made her mark in the school toilets!

Feeling completely buoyed up by a great day, we then snuck across the road to our local for a quick drink, bumping into the wedding coordinator from our reception venue who was also in there with his wife and same age daughter. This made me feel slightly less of a bad parent for going from school to pub for a sneaky afternoon half!  I wonder if they would go for holding the PTA meetings there?      


Mom/Mum said...

'BIGGUS DUMPUS' I just snorted chocolate out of my nose laughing at that one!
She has officially made her mark on big school. You must be very proud.

auntiegwen said...

I think all school functions/meetings/parents evenings should be held in the pub, it would make it so much more pleasant for all involved.

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Sorry I didn't get past 8.45. 8.45 (in captials). You jammy sod!

The Dotterel said...

It's so good to hear someone who has had a good experience of visiting their local school...