Thursday, 9 October 2008

Ouch...and... I Beg Your Pardon?!?

It turns out The Freckle was not to be beaten into submission as I had hoped it would! Yesterday, I took it's dainty arse off to the dermatologist just to be sure that it was nubbin... I mean nothing! That one will only work for die hard Friends fans - sorry! 
But... hooray ... it was declared that, as it was growing again (WTF is this thing I begin to ask myself at this point), they decided to lop it off! So, one large needle into the side of my nose, right near the bone, and the smell of burning flesh later  - sorry if it's too graphic but I was there and you weren't - my little friend was gone and whisked off to be examined under the microscope with results promised in three weeks!

I ripped the plaster and dressing off this morning as it was driving me crazy; I could see the darn thing just under my lower lashes - only to see that what was causing the discomfort was not the removed object but the big lump where they'd jabbed in the local anesthetic! Oh well... two lumps are better than one!

As for the second part of today's post - classic conversation with Small Child in front of the local priory today. No - I haven't gone all religious on you... we just happened to be walking that route back from feeding the ducks. 
SC - "Can I run  over there by those stones?"
Me - "No you can't"
SC - "Why not?"
Me - (at this point I was sorely tempted to say "Because I said so" but I didn't - foolishly)
Me - "Because they are grave stones"... pause... wait for it .....
SC - "What are grave stones?"
Me - "Well... when people die, sometimes they choose to be buried and they might have a grave stone to mark the spot so we shouldn't run about over it out of respect"  (At this point am thinking sh*t... why did I get into this?!?)
Me - "Now get back in the push chair and let me do the straps up"
SC  - "Why?"
Me - "Cos if I bump you off the kerb with no straps you might fall out"
SC - "Will I die?"
Me - "No sweetheart - you wont die - I'm sure you'll live to be ancient - 100 even"
SC - "Just like you mummy"


Yummy Mummy said...

children can be cruel cruel animals, can't they?

workthatwardrobe said...

I hate to say

"I told you so"

but it gets worse.

Three years ago after losing two stone of post-baby blubber I wore a bikini for the first time on holiday.

My then 13-year-old said:
"Mum how come you look so slim in clothes and so fat without them!"

Heather Bestel said...

So cruel!!

One day my daughter Zoe was looking at me for ages and I asked her what was wrong, she said:

"Mummy, will I look like you when I grow up?"

I said "maybe - yes!"

She put her head in her hands and screamed "Oh No!!!"

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I tell you what though That Girl, you carry off 100 very well . . .

that girl ? said...

YM... they can indeed but I'm sure my Small Child will tell you I am equally cruel when I say no more Dora!
WTW... thats harsh! But you can be smug in the fact that what goes around comes around!
Heather... I haven't got to that bit yet... she still calls me pretty some days but I'm not allowed to call her pretty.. only smart! But I know, after her 100 jibe, that my time is just around the corner!
Tara... thanks honey! I'm doing OK despite the scabby face at the mo! Must be all the beauty products finally paying off! (But everywhere I went today, I did feel duty bound to explain my double lumpy appearance!)

auntiegwen said...

I'm sure all the mummies reading this will agree most days we FEEL like we're 100 !

A Confused Take That Fan said...

That girl, my daughter has just realised we are all going to die and is quite obsessed. She says she wants to be Jesus and be born again, errr, ok love, whatever...
Hope the funny bumps on the nose go away and get better. Do you feel like everyone is talking to them?

that girl ? said...

CTTF - I do feel as if the (now only one lump) on the nose is the conversational wizard and not I! Now there is a lovely scab formed as its healing so I am really am getting the most out of it! I feel I should name it - any suggestions? And Jesus? I like that she has chosen to be different and not just gone for the standard God complex!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I have the perfect solution for your bumpiness. Try this: