Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Absent Blogger Back From Overhaul Gets Tagged

Due to feeling and looking like 100 last week I decided to check into a spa and emerged looking like this......

Not bad huh? Some might say I now resemble Heidi Klum  but I can't see it myself!

If truth be told I've been half busy and half lazy but have missed my cyber rambles and reads! So I shall make a pre New Years resolution, as I'm notoriously bad at keeping the usual ones, and vow to post more frequently from now on!
I should start by replying to my lovely taggers... Mom/Mum today and Tara at Sticky Fingers tomorrow!  Especially as Tara has told me off for being a rubbish blogger! (She's right!) But that young lady is a fine one to talk - she went and changed all the tag rules so I might make up some of my own!

Today... Mom/Mum's Festive lucky Seven!

7 Things I Must Do Before My Parents Arrive
1. Actually no worries here....parents not crossing the ThatGirl threshold this yuletide season but instead we will all decamp to my brothers house for Boxing Day! 

7 Things I've been Doing Instead Of Preparing For Christmas
1. Reading Grazia.
2. Watching Lipstick Jungle which is my new addiction - its Gossip Girl for grown ups. And can I just say that Brooke Shields looks even better with age!
3. Flitting about at The Clothes Show with my cousin and two best friends being totally girly and loving it!
4. Catching Small Child's cold and watching it develop into a cough that makes me sound as rough as a badgers arse!
5. Attending some pre Christmas social shenanigans with best friends whom I used to work with.
6. Shopping for a dress for said shenanigans - actually this turned out to be more of a saga involving a broken zip, store discount that refused to apply itself due to new VAT, a pair of control tights and me going out with my shoes on the wrong feet... yes really!
7. Continuing to deal with Devil, sorry, Small Child's testing behaviour in a composed and proper manner when all I want to do is throw myself on the floor and out-tantrum her!

7 Things I Can't Do This Christmas
1. Overeat - I will be going with mantra of a little bit of what you fancy - with the emphasis on the little.
2.  I can't not watch my Christmas movie selection - The Holiday, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Family Man and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
3. I can't stop myself from getting ridiculously over excited about the whole thing and possibly imploding. I've been burning my White Company Winter candle, placing Mulled Wine air fresheners about the house, playing my Ally McBeal Christmas CD repeatedly and checking the use by dates of the brandy butter so that I can buy it as soon as possible without it going off!
4. Fall asleep after Christmas dinner in a happy drunken haze -  does not compute when you have kids.
5. I refuse to let Small Child rip in to all the gifts she has amassed in one go - we've decided to spread them over a couple of days and a few at a time to ensure she enjoys them and takes it all in.
6. I can't resist cheese.
7. Due to number 6 I can't be totally inactive!

7 Christmas Wishes
1. Like Mom/Mum, to be a better mummy. I vow not to rise to the small things and just concentrate on the important stuff when it comes to discipline. I also vow to spend more time doing Small Child stuff on our days off rather than dragging her around getting jobs done.
2. I wish to fall asleep and wake up a size 8!
3. To be the proud owner of a pair of Manolo's in 2009! (If you say it enough times it will happen!)
4. To have enough spare time to get all the stuff done that we've been meaning to do for ages - redecorate Small Child's room, sort out wardrobe storage, print and frame some more photos etc etc. The list is endless.
5. That all those close to me remain happy, healthy and loved.
6. To follow the yellow brick road and get to Westfield!
7. That someone invents a non fat cheese that tastes like REAL CHEESE!

7 Things I Say As Christmas Approaches
1. No.... I don't know if the Grinch has a minny.... yes I know he's a boy who appears not to have a willy...and I don't know why he doesn't always wear clothes.
2. It's now only ** more sleeps to go
3. Those presents under the tree aren't for you, they're for other people and no you cant open them (this to Small Child and Other Half!)
4. No, you can't have another chocolate tree decoration/open another advent calender door/have another mince pie (this to Small Child and myself!)
5. More sherry please!
6. What's in the bag?
7. One year we will go somewhere where's there so much snow we can do snow angels!

7 Celebrities I'd Invite For Christmas Dinner
1. Jamie Oliver so he could cook it.
2.  Patrick Dempsey - just for table decoration of course!
3. Jennifer Anniston so I could advise her to stay away from bad boys and tell her that I think she should be my new best friend.
4. Angelina Jolie - well.... I'd invite her in, give her a slap and then send her packing.
5. SJP and her shoe collection - I know Mom/Mum said the same but seriously... how could I not?
6. Cheryl Cole. I love, love, love this woman! I would try and convince her to dump the useless husband, get her to promise to come shopping with me and apologise for the fact the Other Half is drooling into his dinner!
7. Peppa Pig - Small Child would be over the moon!

7 Favourite Festive Foods (all of which I will of course be eating in moderation!!)
1. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg.
2. Baked gammon ham, cold with....
3. Pickled onions - the strongest smelliest ones you can buy!
4. Cheese
5. Champagne
6. Brandy butter
7. Cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon...hhmm....

7 Other Bloggers Who Can Play Festive Seven (if they have the time)!

There... I feel I have purged my blogger absenteeism for good..... I'm Back!


notSupermum said...

Thanks for tagging me, I also got tagged by Mom/Mum so will be posting my list soon.

I LOVE your choice of films - I just bought The Holiday on DVD and looking forward to watching it; we all love Family Man and Miracle on 34th Street. Great choices.

Btw, I noticed how much cheese features in your lists. Can you believe that I don't like cheese?

that girl? said...

NSN - Well they say most people fall into the cheese or chocolate category... would you say that was true? Enjoy The Holiday - I have to watch it soon - I have managed to wait a whole year since I watched it last and its been agony! Look fwd to reading your list! x

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

That Girl you are SUCH a girl. I love you.
I love your list. Been away but back with a bang (I'd do the same to Angelina too by the way!)

notSupermum said...

That Girl - I've been off work today with a bad back and I watched The Holiday.......I LOVE IT! what a magical film for Christmas. I cried when Jack Black plays the tune he wrote for Iris....a perfect romcom.

that girl? said...

Tara - Thanks Babe! I've heard on the grapevine that Angelina is running scared now!
NSM - Cool! Glad you loved it - I might have to watch it tonight now too - cant wait any longer!!

Yummy Mummy said...

We truly are sisters from another mother!

I too am a HUGE fan of the Ally McBeal X-MAS album. I CANNOT believe there is someone else out there!

I also am obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with Lipstic Jungle. I hope you know it;s been canceled so you don't make the mistake I did to fall in love just to get your heart broken like me.

I took your advice and did my own luck 7. Too fun!!!

I'm so glad you are back!


A Confused Take That Fan said...

Hello That Girl - I also have been a bit of a slacker with blogging lately - Sooooooooooo busy! HAven't even had time to watch Little Dorrit.
I love cheese and chocolate. So I'm afraid I fall into both categories.
I want to watch The Holiday. Sounds like fun. Hubby is out tomorrow night - might try get it from blockbusters.
So you would have Patrick Dempsey as himself and not McDreamy?? Thanks for the tag. I will do it soon...sooon...sooon...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I've been away from blogging so long that I missed your 7's lists. Would've loved to join in. Your blog is too much fun!!

that girl? said...

How rubbish am I? Hadn't replied to your comments - Cyber slap for Thatgirl!
YM - Sadly Ally McBeal Christmas CD has been packed away now - sniff. Will have to console myself with the fact that I might get complete box set series for my birthday (hint Other Half!) And I heard the Lipstick Jungle was back on again for another series - here's hoping!
CTF - Think it would have to be as McD - much more fun! Hope you had a good christmas and New Years! Please post soon!
Gal In The City - Hope you had a good break for the holidays and look forward to reading more of your adventures in the city this year! Thanks so much for your kind words!