Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I Am 100

This is my 100th post! Cue whooping, joyous celebration, popping of champagne corks etc.... you'd think wouldn't you? Erm.... no. I actually feel 100 at the moment and the stupid thing is I have no idea why! Perhaps it's down to an unexpected hormone rush as a prelude to an early onset of the menopause - can that happen at 39? Perhaps it's down to the vicious onslaught of temper tantrums from my three and three quarter year old Small Child this week? She has decided that it is not to her liking to do anything I ask her, tells me constantly I'm not her best friend and has taken to hitting me when I put her in the naughty corner for hitting me! 

Perhaps it's just a bad reaction to all that exercise I did last week? You note that I say last week.... this weeks efforts have only included some dancing (and very bad karaoke) at one of my best friends 40th birthday parties and a full on Christmas shopping attack yesterday. In a most unlike me moment of common sense I even wore comfortable shoes and still got blisters after so much shop trawling! 

Perhaps I'm being a grumpy scrooge and getting a pre Christmas Grinch attack - except I love this time of year and start embracing it full on festive mode on the 1st of December. I am that annoying variety of holiday cheer-meister who would bath in egg nog if she was allowed so that can't be it.

I have found myself avoiding Blogland all week and now I know why... all I've done is whinge! So I'm going to take my 100 year old, whiny arse off line now and hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible! 


notSupermum said...

And you look so young for 100!! Congrats on reaching that particular milestone.

I haven't done very well with my get fit regime this week either - i'll probably get expelled or given a dunce's hat tomorrow when it's weigh-in time....gulp.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

egg nog? You like egg nog?
Whine away with me young lady, whine away with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (said in that whiney way)

Yummy Mummy said...

I say congrats to you!!! I find myself whining all the time on my blog but hey better here than at home! I am having a lot of the same problems over here. Sore legs from the thanksgiving turkey trot, a whiney 15 month old who seems constantly mad at me no matter what I do (constantly), and as you can see from my post today I am not feeling all that christmassy. I think thats the best part of blogging. No matter where you live or your age the truth is that we all can relate and we are all going through the same thing, and best of all we are there for each other!!!

Who knows, egg nog may be very moisturizing? You may be on to something here.


Banana said...

Have a good whinge - we all deserve to at times! And if the whinging doesn't help, a big glass of red normally does! XXX

auntiegwen said...

I had a bad dose of the glums but I read some Maeve Binchy, and ate sticky toffee pudding and custard and it did help, try that next time xx

that girl? said...

NSM - Thanks! Good wrinkle cream a must! Will pop across to yours later to see how you're doing!
CTTF - I guess it's more the the british version of egg nog that I prefer - Snowball! Except I chuck in a shot of Bacardi!
YM - The poor blogs do get the brunt of it sometimes and if truth be told I really have nothing to moan about! Am off over to your pad later to check out the latest! If you've never seen anyone selling eggnog bubble bath in the US, let me know and we'll come over to set up a business!
Banana - Too much wine has been consumed this week! I actually tried whining into the glass to muffle the sound too! xx
Auntie G - Might try that next time - may be healthier for the liver than the red! Haven't tried Maeve yet so will check her out.

Dave said...

Woo Hooo 100!

Whinging and whining, moaning and groaning is all good.

But you're a naughty naughty That Girl. Get to the beach and walk in the waves. Right this minute. I insist!


that girl? said...

Dave - I consider myself well and truly nagged! Still no time for a beach walk yet but to make up for it I'll be hoovering the house at breakneck speed tomorrow from top to bottom doing diddly squats as I go! I need to in order to allow for the Christmas do that we're going to in the evening!

Dave said...

oooo ya dirty stop out!


Mom/Mum said...

Tag, you're it. Come to my place and see.... Happy 100th!

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

Multiple tags. You. My place.

shopping cart said...


Happy Birthday to you. Congratulations to you on your 100 years.