Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Progress, Endorphins And An Over Inquisitive Dog!

As I'm officially one week into the all new and improved super fit me, I went for another beach hike this morning after dropping Small Child off at preschool. In case you wondering if I'm playing hooky and exercising (or blogging!) whilst I should be working, I'm not... honest! My inventory typing skills are surplus to requirements at the moment as the busy lettings period is over for a while. So I feel really lucky to be able to invest some time in my BlogToFit project as well as being a proper housewife! There'll be no excuse for not being ready for Christmas this year - baked gammon ham with home made chutney anyone? Just kidding - Martha Stewart I ain't!

Anyway.... back to the beach. I drove to a different stretch this morning and made it a bit more challenging by walking beside the water. Hopping over big shingle piles, dodging waves and schlepping through soft oozy sand sure adds some extra effort into the walk I can tell you!

I bounced along enthusiastically for an hour, music on, smiling and saying good morning to all the passers by and dog walkers. This, together with the fresh air and endorphins had me in severe danger of breaking into a "Flashdance - What A Feelin'...." type episode at any second! Seriously... every time a euphoric dance track came on I had to clench my fists and keep my arms firmly by my sides to stop me from leaping up and down and dancing about on the shore like a demented, almost forty year old raver! Perish the thought... and without my leg warmers too!

And the dogs.. bless 'em! Having been bought up with them throughout my childhood I love dogs, I really do; however, this doesn't mean that Small Child will be experiencing the same I'm afraid. Being mildly house proud with tendencies towards Monica-ishness, we decided some years ago that she wouldn't be having any canine siblings. We've been through the wee all over the floor stage already, I like hair.... just not all over my furniture and the smell of wet woof permeating the air does not do it for me anymore. As it turns out, she's actually scared of dogs anyway so we don't feel we're depriving her too much!

But I was more than happy to greet all the four legged friends who came over to say hello to me this morning; the cute black lab pup who offered me his stick, the wiry haired mongrel who licked my hand and the over excited Springer Spaniel (is there any other kind?), who wanted me to throw his ball. Loved 'em all... apart from the brown Labrador who tried to greet me in the way that dogs often great each other.... nose to tail if you're not getting it! The faster I tried to walk away, the faster he followed, keen to exchange canine pleasantries! Still, perhaps the extra exertion was the reason why I'd shed 2lbs of muffin top this week when I jumped on the scales! I can highly recommend the running-away-from-over-friendly-dog workout!      


Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

Now that's a fitness regime I haven't tried! I'm usually chasing AFTER something (kids, cake, my sanity . . . )
Well done you for sticking to your guns

Dave said...

The way you write about schlepping makes me want to get busy schlepping too. Are there any classes I have to take or will my schlepping licence be granted after a modest cash payment and a donation of blood?

This is working out so well for you I can see the book title, “Schlepping Your Way to Fitness”

Seriously though, I get all motivated reading your update! Good going That Girl. Keep it up. :D

deconstructing jen said...

Ah, a walk on the beach sounds lovely. That seriously makes me long for a home town that's not right smack in the middle of the US with no coast lines in sight.

There ain't nothing wrong with a little Flashdown every now and then - it does sorta make you want to jump around a bit.

Congrats on making it through week one!

Mom/Mum said...

That sounds like a better way to exercise than stuck amongst the corporates at the gym. Congrats on the 2lbs!

that girl? said...

Tara - Ahh...the sticking to the guns thing! hhmm - not so good this week, although there has been a lot of chasing after my kid!
Dave- All I have done this week is schlep! too slowly unfortunately! Have just been over to BTF to get some motivation for the coming week!
Jen - thanks for dropping in - if I'd known you were coming I would have put the kettle on - for a healthy herbal tea of course!
Mom/Mum - The fresh air as opposed to the plain old guff of corporates is definitely my preference! Need to catch up and get on over to your place now!