Monday, 17 November 2008

Farewell Rusk.....Hello Sticky Fingers!

I nearly choked on my coffee this morning when I sneakily sat down to check in with some of my favourite blogs and discovered that one of them....shock, horror... was saying goodbye! The lovely Tara Cain over at Dawn Till Rusk would no longer be blogging there as she had left her job at Coventry Telegraph.

No...No...No.... this cannot be! Both her and I are convinced that we were separated at birth due to our shared love of shoes, shopping, Grey's Anatomy, Grazia and lots of other stuff that doesn't begin with S or G! Just as I was about to throw a complete girly strop and chuck all my lip glosses out of the make up bag, I read on to see that she is now going solo at Sticky Fingers! Praise be to Christian Louboutin and all the other shoe gods, for I can still get my daily dose of Tara! 

Tara was my first fellow mummy in the UK to comment, the first (and now second) person to give me award and was the first to blogroll me which made me so excited that a little bit of pee almost came out! She has always been so supportive and encouraging of my ranting at 39 And Counting so I would like to say a huge thank you to her and send a great big giant hug to end all giant hugs! God... this feels just like when they aired the last episode of Sex And The City... except at least the movie has been released straight away which helps to numb the pain! 

So...if you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for...get on over to Sticky Fingers now!  


Tara said...

Aww That Girl, I've gone all blushy and embarassed now.
And as if to highlight the fact that we are soul sisters, I was watching the Sex and the City movie this weekend with a tear in my eye!

Mom/Mum said...

you girls! Bless. Am even getting all emotional over here...

that girl? said...

Tara - That movie makes me cry.... and not just because I know I can never pull off Carries New Years Eve look or have as many shoes as she does! And you deserve the praise!
Mom/Mum - I swear I got more gushy and emotional since being a mother - it must be hormone overload!