Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Weigh-Hey... It's Wednesday!

... or as it's otherwise known chez That Girl, Cut The Crap & Add More Activity! Yes, I have decided to join my blog sister Tara and the two Dave's over at BlogToFit today. Click on over and have a read - it's inspiring and it's not even one week old yet!

Tara and I, being of a similar age have discovered that having kids later on in life has many advantages...but also one small disadvantage - things no longer "snap back" like they do in your twenties and early thirties! And seriously... snap back? That phrase must have been invented by the likes of Nicole Ritchie, Victoria Beckham et al who make a living out of being a clothes horse and can therefore employ a personal trainer, chef, nutritionist and a nanny who can look after the kids whilst they get snapping! The only thing snapping in this house is possibly some old knicker elastic but what the hey! I have conceded defeat that I now have to work a bit harder if I want to keep in shape and also that I'm never gonna make a living out of being a clothes horse..sniff.  

Reading through their blog, I have decided that my approach will be to stop eating as much naughty stuff (cheese, red wine, things covered in cheese, red wine, cheese flavoured crisps, red wine... you get the picture) and add in some regular exercise. Nothing too drastic or anything that requires a degree in maths to work out calories/points/how many star jumps equals a biscuit with cheese on it. Maybe it's my age but I can't be arsed with all that and I want this to be a lasting change in lifestyle that will get me fit and healthy. Different things work for different people so I say go with whatever it takes but I'd lose interest in anything that doesn't allow enough brain space to think about shoes, bags and the latest Mac lip gloss shade.

With the Big Birthday approaching and The Dress hanging in our spare room, I have decided that it deserves to have its first outing with toned limbs as opposed to bingo wings, a pert bosom instead of a pair that have fallen down inside the bodice and some skinny malinky ankles! Obviously so that they can be adorned with a nice pair of Manolo's... Other Half... are you reading this?

In order to start my campaign and celebrate the fact that the only muffins for me from now on will be the (occasional) low fat, bran variety as opposed to one that sits atop my skinny jeans, I went to my local gym this morning...

Not bad huh? And it's free! I walked, very fast, for an hour in the sunshine with my i-pod on for motivation and despite the jelly knees at the end, I loved it! Will keep you posted as to how the new soon to be fit and healthy me is doing - wish me luck!


Tara said...

You go girl. I'm all excited for you.
Plus you just know that we're going to be demanding updates on how the dress fits - like a wedding dress fitting, only with the two Daves giving you a critique a la Strictly Come Dancing.
Oh bugger, I've put you off now haven't I!
Anyway, it's great to have you along for the ride.

Mom/Mum said...

That looks like the nicest gym I've ever seen.
So good that you're joining BTF. Am too going to attempt to cut out some of the excess goodies and eat a bit sharper and use my limbs for more than switching the TV channel and picking up the wine bottle!

Banana said...

Good luck! BTW, I recommend the South Beach Diet (bought the book. Lost 4kg in jsut over 3 weeks, mainly in the muffin area! Yummy food too and not been hungry at all! (And I'm usually a crap dieter!)

that girl? said...

Tara - I am so over excited about this! It's come at the perfect time with just six months to go! Two things re the Strictly scenario.... which Dave would be Craig Revel What'sisface? and tell 'em to not mention the Samba rolls!
Mom/mum - Thanks! You and I seem to be on a similar mission. I am sitting here typing with a glass of Coke Zero as my post putting Small Child to bed drink... and you know what... it's not so bad!
Banana - Thats fab! Might have to check out some South Beach meal ideas. I need some more healthy dinner dishes as when I get bored then I start to go for the bad choices. Bet you're lookin' even more of a hot banana now! Well done! Am off to cook some spicy cod with couscous but will be watching the portion size! x

Dave said...

This is music to my ears. But why are all the bloggy ladies talking about bosoms? No seriously, I love your attitude towards this. It HAS to be fun otherwise it’ll just be torture. I got all happy reading about your walk and you are just so damn funny.

Thank you for playing along and being so nice about our new site. Tara and Dave a fab and clearly, so are you! :)

notSupermum said...

Coooey there! I'm really chuffed that you're doing the weigh-in too, we can support each other along the way. Brilliant!

that girl? said...

Dave - I totally agree about the fun thing - otherwise I just give up! I think dancing around the room will be another activity of choice...I'd better dig the leg warmers! Thanks for your kind words and am loving the blogtofit thing - am going over there everyday for motivation. Normally, right about now I'd be ripping into a packet of crisps pre dinner but instead Im blogging!
Re the boob thing - Tara makes out you are obsessed but I actually think its us women that are obsessed about them!
Notsupermum - thanks! - think I might do the tape measure thing and alternate with scales too! Together we will be the fittest mummies in the land!

Yummy Mummy said...

GOOD LUCK!!! ps what an AMAZING gym!


Blogger Dad said...

Best of luck! Thanks for joining our project. I look forward to reading of your success.

Dave said...

Yeah, I blame Tara.

I think I'll give up talking about women's bits, whatever the provocation... it only gets me into trouble. :)

Besides which I need to fing MY leg warmers. :D

that girl? said...

YM - thanks! The best bit of the gym was standing out at the end of the pier breathing in all the fresh air - talk about a natural high!
Blogger Dad - Thanks for your support! I hope to bring a Blogtofit success story - even if it takes a little time!
Dave - I don't believe for one minute that you'll be able to stop talking about women's bits but nice idea! Please post picture on blogtofit of neon pink leg warmers!