Saturday, 15 November 2008

Daddy's Girl

I am sure there are many reasons why Daddy takes precedence over Mummy in the favouritism stakes, the most simple one being that he is a new face at the end of a long day. A whole day of the other face that has been saying "No" and "Stop that!" and "This is your last warning young lady!" 

If Small Child could write a list, she might add these to it....

  • Because he lets me choose what I'm going to wear and never insists that it either matches or clashes just about enough to look trendy in a kooky kind of way.
  • He actively encourages me to run about naked after my bath with a pair of pull ups on my head going "Aarrgghhh!!!" really loud!
  • Because he's willing to lie prone on the floor, without flinching, all the while knowing full well that I am about to body splash him in a WWF style to make Hulk Hogan proud.
  • When he cuts my finger and toe nails he manages to do it without nicking my skin and sending me into a wailing fit. This also means I don't have to mention it again later on in public.
  • He does all the interesting jobs like cutting the grass and washing the car - this means that I can help and get really messy at the same time. There's only so much fun you can have wiping the bathroom tiles with a damp cloth.
  • He's really rubbish at hide and seek; he takes ages to find me and asks so many loud questions to try and find out where I am. Even though we've played it hundreds of times, he always forgets that I'm hiding in my bed and sits on it which makes me giggle. The other day it made me giggle so much that I pee'd all over the sheets; Mummy stopped the game after that and went off muttering about being a bloody washer woman. 
  • He doesn't mind that I've become obsessed with his two Jeremy Clarkson books and lets me look at them, carry them everywhere I go and sometimes take them into preschool. I've even been known to be able to persuade him to read me a chapter or two at bedtime!
  • When he looks after me for the day he plays with me straight away and not in a minute after he's hung up the washing/finished this bit of ironing/blow dried his hair/put on his make up. Come to think of it he takes far less time to get ready than Mummy does!

I'm glad she as all these reasons and hundreds more to be a Daddy's girl and I think I can see a George Banks in there in years to come!


auntiegwen said...

The cynical part of me wants to say only because he doesn't do it all day every day along side all the cooking, cleaning and all that entails houserunning.

But I am working on my cynicism before I become a fully fledged grumpy old woman as apposed to a GOW in training

Banana said...

What a lovely post! Makes me think that maybe I should care less about the state of the house and more about doing silly things with Banana Jnr. After all, in time to come she'll remember doing fun things with Mummy far more than helping me with the laundry. Right, off to run round with a pair of pants on my head...

Mom/Mum said...

Great post! Made me laugh loads. Mummy will though be her GREATEST love though. For sure!

that girl said...

Auntie G - To be fair, he does do his bit around the house. I think that when he gets in from work, he just doenst have that "Oh my god Im so haggered from a day of the demands of Small Child" written all over his face which makes him a far more appealing option! And youre not grumpy - you seem far too cheerful for that from where Im reading!
Banana - I know what you mean about being torn between house running/kiddie time but I think all mums must face it. And now I have a mental image of you running around with pants on your head... or perhaps I have an actual photo from our single days??!!
Mom/Mum - Thanks! Us mummies(mommies) like to think we do have that extra thing that only comes from carrying them around for nine months. I put it down to that when she does (occassionally) cuddle in and I get that funny twisty feeling in my tummy!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Dads are great. Girls will always be daddys girls. I am one myself. Long live the daddy's girls!

Yummy Mummy said...

Daddy's for sure et the better end of the deal, but just remember when the little one is sick or hurt they always call for their mummy and mummy is the only one who can make it better!

Great post!!!