Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Don't Sit On Me, I'm Not A Sofa!

Seeing as my invite to The Oscars obviously got lost in the post, I was glad to receive this lovely award from Notsupermum! She must have known that I had my Versace number all lined up only to see Marisa Tomei wearing it on the night!

I'm just glad I didn't go now... there's nothing worse than turning up only to find some Hollywood A Lister has got the same outfit on! I also saved myself the embarrassment of sitting on Beyonce... I mean I love Beyonce but seriously, why would you dress as a sofa?

Now I know that I should include text and leave comments on all my intended recipients blogs etc but I only have a 45 second slot for my acceptance speech so I'll just reel 'em off below. Some are old friends and some are new but if you hear your name called please feel free to put this heart shaped Oscar in your sidebar!

A special mention goes to Home Office Mum over at her new home of There's More To Life Than Laundry. She gets this award for being ever so brave, slightly crazy and totally awe inspiring... she will be sailing the UK to Brazil leg of the Clipper Round the World Race! She needs your support so get on over there, read her adventures and stick her logo on your blog if you like. 

Finally, I'd also like to give this award to Mickey Rourke for being kooky enough to wear a picture of his dead chihuahua to the Oscars.  Hhmmm..... I can honestly say I preferred his Nine And A Half Weeks look!


rosiescribble said...

Oh my word! A huge thank you! I am going to rush off and buy an expensive dress and plan my acceptance speech, and I need jewellery, very expensive jewellery, and shoes, very expensive shoes. There's so little time!

Thank you again!!!

Home Office Mum said...

Gosh. Gasp. Gush. Blub (that's me doing Kate Winslet). But seriously, many thanks for the plug and the award!

PS - completely agree about BEyonce's outfit. DAmn

Yummy Mummy said...

Just promise you won't take it back after I dissed our other sister Carrie Bradshaw's oscar dress???

Hehe, thanks for the award and of course right back at you!!!



Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

You are so good to me That Girl. I don't have a speech or a fancy gown or anything, so I'll just say 'ta everso' while sat here in my joggers . . . very Hollywood.