Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sisters Are Awardin' Themselves!

In all my Keane-ness (sorry!) to write about my rock chick night at the concert I forgot I hadn't yet posted this award from lovely Notsupermum

Since starting 39 And Counting I have made some lovely blog friends and as you will know from previous rants, I will soon be proving that some of them are indeed the long lost sisters that I never knew I had! In true blog award thingamy wotsit rules, in order to accept this I must nominate ten others who deserve to be honoured in this way. 

I have received and bestowed a couple of awards recently and so may be duplicating here so please forgive me if I am bestowing more bling on you.... but if you're anything like me, you can never have too many shiny, pretty things! Here's to following blogettes! Please keep on writing so I can keep on reading!

Notsupermum (rule breaking I know but right back at ya babe!)
Tara at Sticky Fingers (Rule breaking again - Tara makes eleven but please don't ask me to give out a sisterhood award and not give one to Tara!!) Do you like Keane Tara? You can still be my sister even if the answer's no.

Thank you to all of you wonderful writers who make me laugh, cry, think, scratch my chin in wonderment or just roll about on the floor whilst spraying my coffee everywhere! You don't have to post or forward it on if you don't want to as I know the awards season has been generous this year. I will be happy if you just want to revel in it! 

By the way..... did I mention I saw Keane last night?


notSupermum said...

Awww, shucks...I'm honoured! Thanks.

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

I can hardly believe it!
I LOVE Keane. Bedshaped is the song I sing in the car with joyous abandon.
Thank you so much, you are right there can never ever be enough bling. x

that girl? said...

NSM - You are more than welcome!
Tara - Bling it on baby! And Bedshaped is my fave Keane song... it was their final encore song last night and was a true "lighter in the air" moment! OK... I really have to stop this now... I sound like a 15 year old!

auntiegwen said...

Many thanks for the award kindness,glad you enjoyed Keane my friend Sarah went to see them in Nottingham on Sunday and said they were amazing.

When they had just become famous, we were in the states for a month's holiday and we played it so much in the car, always brings back really good memories of an truly happy holiday xx

Mom/Mum said...

Oh you've gone and cheered me right up.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU cyber-sista.
I Keane-ly accept your award (see what I did there?!!) Am all bedshapped (not again fnar fnar)now with excitement.
Love ya xxx

that girl? said...

Auntie Gwen - Hey get you... driving around the US of A listening to trendy new music! You are a hip, happenin' kinda chick! I love the memories that can be associated with music.
Mom/Mum - Like what you did there... now don't forget to line up the award next to your others in Perfect Symmetry!

nappy valley girl said...

Thanks! I'll put on my Keane CD in your honour...

A Confused Take That Fan said...

You are an absolute dahlink...
Thanks muchly

that girl? said...

NV Girl - I had my Keane playlist on random all afternoon... and still not fed up of hearing it yet! I only had to concede when Small Child demanded to watch Lazytown just now!
CTTF - You are more than welcome dahlink - Mwah! xx

Yummy Mummy said...

awww thanks!!!! This is very fitting from my long lost sister! :)