Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Its My Party And I'll Go Over The Top If I Want To

It's something that I always suspected and am now absolutely certain of; I missed my vocation in life. I should be in event management! 

The organisational high points of my glittering CV would be our wedding, the Hollywood themed send off party for my old finance team, numerous hen parties and the fact that I was a founder member of MOF. For those of you not in the know, and let's face it, unless you used to work in my old finance department you wouldn't have a clue, MOF stood for Ministry Of Fun. Seriously... stick with me on this one. We were a committee whose purpose was to figure out ways to inject a bit of fun into the workplace; not an easy task when you are surrounded by accountants, auditors and actuaries*. Gee.... what wacky kids we were before corporate mentality reared it's ugly head and stomped all over our team spirit with it's hobnail boots!

But back to the going over the top part of this post, there are two parties on my horizon - one 4th and one 40th! One is a Bounce and Play, the other is more of a Champagne, Canapes and Cupcakes affair. One requires that you take off your shoes, the other is black tie and will most definitely require some very glamorous shoes… for the female attendees that is!

The 4th is definitely the cheaper of the two and requires far less brain power to arrange. It's a small affair for small people and involves a leisure centre, some inflatables and organized games. Providing there’s plenty of opportunity for bouncing, consumption of sticky foodstuffs and party bags aplenty at the end, I think the majority of guests will leave satisfied and happy, not withstanding any hair pulling, eye poking or knee grazing incidents!

The 40th however has been fondly** christened “The Wedding – Part Two” by Other Half. And he has a point – all the critical elements are there! First came The Dress closely followed by shoes and bag, the venue, a guest list, invites and the excruciating choice between buffet or champagne and canapes.  Then, as is often the case with a wedding, some optional extras began to creep in. Black and silver balloons floating on the ceiling, strategically placed tea light arrangements and don't tell him I said this but there's even talk of flowers... gulp.

As any party organiser worth her Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions knows, there's also been the talk about what is not allowed. No phallic shaped cake complete with naff photo of me on it (anyone remember the episode of Friends with the bunny cake for Emma?), no banners with FORTY plastered all over them and no Come On Eileen on the dance floor. Nothing kills my dance vibe faster than Dexy’s Midnight Runners!  Oh... and no hair pulling, eye poking or knee grazing incidents either. 

I can slowly feel myself morphing into Monica and it's only a matter of time before you'll find me running around with a clipboard, headset, pile of of post it notes and high pitched, shouty voice. No doubt as the big day approaches you'll be hearing from me again on this matter so please accept my profound apologies in advance. It's not my fault.... I'm just at that age where I know what I want!

*Other Half is an actuary and would like to point out that he knows how to have fun. (He's right - he does.)

**Other Half says I should l use the term "fondly" in the loosest possible sense in this instance. 


auntiegwen said...

I hope you have a wonderul night. I think everyone should have a big over the top do if they want it. Says the woman who had the loewst key ever wedding and an even lower key 21st (organised by my mum) Although I wouldn't want them for me I love and truly appreciate being a guest at a really great party.

Just make sure you get a chance to enjoy them yourself

rosiescribble said...

I say Go for it! You're only 40 once. Sounds like an event worth celebrating in the best style possible!

Mud in the City said...

Swap the themes: a Bounce & Play 40th is bound to be memorable!

(and cupcakes and bubbly at a 4th would win hands down)

Claire said...

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lunarossa said...

Sound fab! Just have a lot of fun and post a lot of photos! When is the big day by the way? Both for the 4th and 40th? All the best. Ciao. A.

Yummy Mummy said...

Go big or go home is my motto!!!

I wish I could be there to toast your next decade in style!


that girl? said...

Auntie G - Thats the one thing Im worried about - I need to get a chance to talk too everyone... and have a boogie on down too!
Rosie - Thanks! I sure won't be doing it when Im 50 so I'll be making the most of it!
Mud - you know I did consider that! Can you imagine the state of alcohol ridden adults on a bouncy castle?! (Been there actually - not pretty.. but fun!)
Claire - Thanks - I have been over and am now a fully fledged Sassymamma!
Antonella - My actual 40 is May 16th but party is on the 14th. Small Child's is April 2nd with party on the 5th. She is counting down the "sleeps"!
YM - Wish you could be there too! Go on... fly on over... you know you want too! x