Saturday, 11 April 2009

4 x 2 = No Blog For 10 Days

I know that a child's birthday is no excuse for a ten day absenteeism from blogging but that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

My baby girl turned four on 2nd April which, to summarise,  involved a pink micro scooter, a trip to Monkey World, copious amounts of birthday cake and much over excitement.

This is us making our own monkey business

Then came the party on the Sunday which involved lots of scooting around, a whole other bunch of monkeys, bucket loads of birthday cake and tons more over excitement. In addition to that there were grandparents back to ours for grown up food, whom I have to say, required far more cleaning up after than the small monkeys at the Bounce and Play venue! 

The candles got blown out before Happy Birthday was sung!

In between we had Cousin It, her man and little boy stay over for dinner followed by breakfast at the beach so it felt as if Thursday through Sunday was one long celebration!  Seeing as I intend making my 40th festivities last at least two weeks, I have to say I'm mighty proud of Small Child's party fest efforts!

On top of that we've had the pre planning for our biannual Easter house decorating tradition (not intentional, it just happens that way), which we are now in the thick of. 

So, after attending two kids parties today whilst Other Half was busy painting Small Child's room a very precise shade of marshmallow pink, I am now taking the opportunity to catch up! 

Incidentally, I wish I had live web cam feed for, as I type, him, his brother and brother in law are having boys poker night. As Small Child is occupying the spare room due to the fresh paint in her room, my punishment is to sit at the dining table and endure comments about fetching beer, waitress service, roller skates etc etc! I think retiring early to bed is looking more appealing but first I have a date with some well earned red wine!


The Stiletto Effect said...

She is a cutie :)

notSupermum said...

The photos are lovely, your daughter is super cute! It sounds like a really great time was had by all. Hope you enjoyed your red wine too!

that girl? said...

Su - Thanks! She's my feisty cutey! Who BTW can't waot to move back into her Marshmallow room tomorrow night! x
NSM - Thanks Lovely Lady! We did have tons of birthday fun and I saw that look of rapture on her face again this afternoon when we showed her the finished pink bedroom - priceless! (And I certainly did enjoy the red wine! Bowed out gracefully at 11.00 - the boys however carried on disgracefully till 2.30!) x

Jules said...

I love these pictures. It sounds like your little one had a wonderful birthday celebration!
I can't wait to get the details on your upcoming festivities!

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh it sounds like you had such a great time. Could the small child be any cuter???? I'm sending the little man her way in about 14 years!!!

Can't wait for your b-day next!


that girl? said...

Jules - thank you! She did have the best time and now keeps asking me how long it will be until she is five! Who said anyone needs a concept of time?!
YM - I would be over the moon for a transatlantic union between our babies! Only today we were having a conversation about how big America is compared to the UK. When I tried to put it into a four year old's perspective she said that our country is SO big... but she also thinks preschool is in a different country to the one we live in! Think I'll come back to geography later! x