Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Coffee House Update...

Just a quickie....how regular am I at the coffee house now?!?  On Saturday I had the non-luxury of working as Small Child's nursery couldn't cover one of my week days. However, Boss Man said I could start at 9.00 rather than 8.30 so I decided to be a good citizen, inject some luxury into my day and stop off for coffee and pastries on the way. Having carefully timed my journey so as to have time to purchase crucial caffeine dosage without being late, I walked smugly in, enjoying the sunny morning and late start, ordered two lattes and croissants....only to find that I had left my purse somewhere other than the beloved Dior bag being toted that day!!  I tentatively asked my favourite barista (the lovely lady who seems to be the only one capable of getting my order right every time and does it in a time frame other than snail speed!), if I could owe her....and she said yes!!   This must mean I am officially a regular....and that people still trust other people in this cynical world!  I went back on Sunday to pay but she wasn't there so myself and Small Child will be lunching there tomorrow on my day off so I can clear my debt!  To the tall blond lady who works in Caffe Nero, training to be a manager....thanks for making my day...and your caramelatte's are the best!!

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