Monday, 23 June 2008

Pack It In!

In case I don't have time to write tomorrow night due to necessary packing frenzy only experienced by all mothers travelling with children under the age of five...... I am off on holiday to Spain on Wednesday morning and so will be absent from blogging for approximately one week!   (I would love to be in a  position to say that this writing thing had taken off to the point of me justifying the purchase of a Mac Book Air to carry on with witty verbal diarrhoea whilst on vacation but I would be kidding myself, Other Half and credit card company!)   I love our family holidays but only once we've packed all the essentials needed when traveling with Small Child, arrived safely without any drama such as the push chair never making it onto the plane (it happened on first trip abroad!) and are safely ensconced in destination villa/apartment/hotel room that, of course, has everything we "might" need to hand!    I may panic about what we need to take for those "in case of emergency" situations but a wry smile still crosses my face when I think back to our first holiday with Small Child who was only just five months and we rented a cottage in the West Country. Other Half was under the mis-apprehension that it would be total relaxation and different to when we were at home....and then light dawned on marble head! In fact...if you've ever tried to feed a five month old mashed avocado and blueberries in the middle of an Eco-tourist attraction you will know exactly what I'm referring to...relaxation doesn't come into it!   Still, we're now only into nappies at night, definitely off the mashed food and can even extend bedtime by an hour without suffering the screaming banshee attacks so I think that's progress! Buenos Nochas Senoras et Senoritas...I'm off to Puerto Banus to read, relax, check out the swanky yachts and trendy bars (at lunch time only) and to indulge in some serious people watching! Will report back soon! x    

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