Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Wait Is Over...

...I finally got to see my most awaited movie of the last three years...Sex And the City!!  If you haven't already done so you have to go and see this more than surpassed my expectations and I will be first in the queue to pre-order the DVD when it comes out! It was released here on 28th May but I had to wait until this weekend for a couple of reasons. When you have children you can't just drop everything and go to the movies on a whim like you used needs to be planned in such a way so as not to use up valuable baby sitting vouchers distributed by Sometimes Willing/Sometimes Not Family Inc. I'd also promised my friend E, who shares my love of all things fashion, shoes, make-up and general Carrie Bradshaw-ness, that we would go and see it together, as only we understand that inner warm glow induced by SJP stepping out in yet another fabulous outfit! Not only that but the fictitious but fabulous CB is my shoe-obsessed fashion heroine and one of my inspirations to start blogging! And so, on mid-summers day, we donned our most fierce, fashion forward heels, a bit of extra gloss and teetered off to the cinema for the lunchtime performance, leaving the Other Halves at home with all the Small Children collective! You realise where you are in life when you are fitting in a movie between breast feeds! (I'd just like to point out that's E and not me, in case you're wondering if I breast fed my three year old - eeww!)    From the opening re-cap scenes to the emotional ending it had me transfixed and totally lost in Carrie World - the only place to be when you need a total unashamed slice of non-reality.   I won't give anything of the story away as everyone I know who had seen it did the same for me and tried hard not to talk about the detail...some thing  for which I am eternally grateful!  And if there are more mums out there who haven't yet seen it but love SJP in NYC..... beg your husband, relative, friend or baby sitter to baby sit, glam up and take a like minded girlfriend. To echo a Samantha sentiment.... "It's better than botox baby!"      

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