Monday, 16 June 2008

Hi-Lites and Low Life's

Someone I know is going through a relationship break up and how they are feeling and dealing with it reminded me of myself during PMT (pre-married times), when I would get to the point of no return with the boyfriend du jour! I don't mean to be flip with that term...."du jour" would only really be applicable to someone I'd been on a series of dates with or a non-serious boyfriend and not my three serious PMT relationships. Those were difficult but necessary endings that only came about after a lot of soul searching and all of them ended for very different reasons. To my friend who is going through it now (and to those who have been through it in the past); I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, can teach you valuable lessons and helps you reach the point at which you finally understand what it's all about. With a view to that and before this all gets far too serious, I would like to impart one valuable piece of information; never trust a man with hi-lighted hair!  At 18 I met someone who became my first serious relationship and in true head strong teenager fashion, I ran away from home, moved in, got married and then subsequently divorced him! Alarm bells should have been set off by the (fake) blond spiky hair, especially when he told me that to get it to said state of spikiness, he would put sugar water in it and blow dry it upside down hanging off the bed! He also had a cross earring in one ear and wore fingerless gloves but then so did I because it was the eighties! Anyway, the hi-lights must have doomed it from the start! He was insanely jealous, useless with money (first his and then mine) and we lived with his grandparents in a run down house which I still believe he was hoping that he would, one day become the sole beneficiary of! I can only guess that this was the reason he refused to rent somewhere with me, either that or he actually enjoyed living with two mad old people, three cats, two canaries and one dog! It all started to go down hill after we got married, when one month later, he announced he'd won a competition and that the prize was to spend the day with two topless models and no, I could not go with him! Several cringe worthy events later I decided that perhaps I'd been a bit rash in marrying him and so one night, moved back home, despite his dramatic gesture of eating four headache pills to try and stop me from going! Oh the drama of it all! Having moved back home, I promptly moved out to a bed sit after four weeks to avoid running away and marrying in haste for a second time! They say that history repeats itself; I know that my "low life" incident was something of a re-run of what my mother did, though possibly without the sugar water hair and Duran Duran-esque pixie boots! So....I vow that I will never give Small Child cause to run off and do something this rash and hope that she will be the first to break the cycle perpetuated by at least two generations of women! 


Anonymous said...

Dear 39 And Counting,

I love this blog, although the others have been great, this is one of your best yet! It's truthful & you have a great philosophy on life - "I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, can teach you valuable lessons and helps you reach the point at which you finally understand what it's all about." Keep the great writing coming xxx

Thatgirl said...

thanks anonymous!'s great that someone likes what goes on in my head! I feel it's all very much still in development but I'm heading to where I want to be with this so I really appreciate your comments! x