Thursday, 12 June 2008

Half A Job

That is what my mother would say when I was young and didn't finish some of the things that I started! Well actually it would go something long the lines of "Ooh here's Half-A-Job-****** again!" .   The ****** part being my name, which for reasons that I care not to admit, mean I am not willing to reveal my name!   These words are now echo-ing in my ears as its been a couple of weeks since I wrote but I have not given up but been merely too busy to get around to writing! The truth is that when I started this, work was so quiet that I'd been given full permission to write in work time if I had nothing else to do ! (A hidden benefit of going from large corporate to small business environment that I hadn't thought of before!)    Work has fortunately gotten busier as I fear I may have gone completely mental if I was subjected to anymore time staring at the clock and life after work has been pretty hectic too. Actually, that would be bursts of hectic peppered with time spent sprawled on the sofa, unable to get off my butt and do any of the following: exercise, tackle ironing mountain, read more, write more, stop drinking red wine, tear myself away from Gossip Girl/Grey's Anatomy/Dirty sexy Money etc.... 
So... you've probably guessed that the all singing, all dancing, new improved, en-route to 40 me has still yet to emerge from her cocoon and you would be right!  Thats the beauty of a bit of self re-invention though.. you can get excited about it, plan it, maybe even start it, but if it doesn't quite go according to plan straight away, well hey, tomorrows another day and yet another new you!   One thing is for sure, tomorrow needs to be a less tired me... Small Child was up at 5.30 this morning, poking me in the eye, asking me why was I wearing a mask on my head and when was I going downstairs to get her milk? The mask in question was one of those (really) attractive sleep thingy's that you put on in a vain attempt to keep out the encroaching daylight. When you put it on the night before, you think you're having a Holly Golightly moment from Breakfast At Tiffany's but in reality I wake up looking more like Magda from There's Something About Mary!  It was at the point of the eye poking that I felt full of admiration for single parents and wondered how they coped with the 24-7 demands of kid(s).   Other Half is away on a stag do in a swanky Spanish port for two days (see previous post re Bunnies in Amsterdam), and prior to that was away on business. Consequently, I will be celebrating his return tomorrow and lavishing much gratitude, attention and general grateful-wife-ness on him!  Being a parent is hard, being just one parent must be even harder; whilst you can get away with "half a job" on ironing, cooking, cleaning and even self re-invention, you definately can't get away with doing half a job at being a parent. 

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