Friday, 2 January 2009

Dear Mr Lagerfeld

I very much hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations and wondered if you could take time out of your busy schedule to assist me?

Since commencing my countdown to becoming forty I have felt a compulsion to devour copious amounts of fashion literary gems such as The Little Black Book of Style, Style A to Zoe and V.B.'s That Extra Half an Inch to name but a few. This is  alongside my monthly dietary staples of In-Style, Marie Claire, Grazia and the odd Vogue or Tatler. 

I wouldn't say this behaviour is anything out of the ordinary for me but I feel as if I am being swept along on some kind of mission with the ultimate aim of achieving true style greatness. You, more than anybody know what I'm referring to; those style icons who possess that certain Je Ne Sais Quoi. For me they would include Audrey Hepburn, Carla Bruni, Jacqueline Onassis, Christy Turlington, and of course Coco Chanel who so wisely quipped "Fashion fades - style is eternal".  
I feel like am on the path to Life, Part Two and am determined to end up more Lauren Hutton and less Bet Lynch!

So, taking Nina Garcia's advice I have started to follow the "style icon" rules:
Invest in the basics
Realise the utmost importance of shoes
Never under estimate the power of accessories
Edit your wardrobe

The shoe thing I definitely mastered years ago; with accessories, I have to say I'm still learning but am proving to be a willing pupil and the editing is going well. I have taken several critical glances through my wardrobes and continue to weed out the mistakes, disasters and clothes I have kept purely for sentimental reasons, making more room for my basics and of course, for any future investment purchases! 

Here's where you come in, because I'm sure you're beginning to wonder why I'm taking up so much of your valuable time. 

According to Ms Garcia the basics must include:
Good white shirt   -  tick. Two of those!
Well fitting jeans  -  tick. Two pairs of 7 For all Mankind safely stashed away.
Trench coat  -  tick. Not a Burberry but a very good imitation courtesy of Hobbs.
Killer heels  -  definitely a gold star! Collection includes a pair of Louboutins and Choo's.   
Little Back Dress  -  ah .... that would be a resounding no.

The LBD issue is starting to keep me awake at night! You yourself have said "One is never over - or under dressed with a little black dress". But can I find one that would go from day to night and screams understated chic? Can I heck! 

So, in case you were wondering what to get me for my 40th, as head of the house of Chanel, who better than your good self to furnish me with the ultimate style staple?  Perhaps, lurking somewhere amongst your collections you might have one going spare? I'm sure you don't have many models or A list pals who wear a UK size 12 (US 10, Europe 40) that still haven't yet found their dream LBD?  Vintage would of course also be gladly accepted.

Fondest Regards

ThatGirl39 x


nappy valley girl said...

Did you hear KL on Radio 4 Today programme this morning?

Was a fabulous interview - see if you can find it on Listen Again?

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

Or you could could try
Or you could make one: you never know you could have a hidden star 'designer' within you.

auntiegwen said...

I thought you were going for the frothy number from Monsoon ?

that girl? said...

Nappy Valley Girl - Missed that one - will try and catch up with it this week. Did he mention me or the fact that he had some dresses going spare?!
Tara - Have you seen my sewing efforts? Can I make a dress using sellotape instead of needle and thread?! Actually no... too much risk of fingernail contact! And netaporter... oohh I love that site - its like secret fashion porn! It has to be secret as Other Half might collapse if he saw some of the prices on there! Haven't ordered anything yet but I dream of receiving one of their beautifully wrapped packages! One day!
Auntie G - A good point you do make but that one is a FBD (Frothy Black Dress) not an LBD. I fear the froth would be too much for day wear - you think?! The LBD is not for THE PARTY, its just my ongoing quest. A girls gotta have a quest!

Anonymous said...

How about DVF? Pretty, stylist and rather comfy as well!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I like your list of essentials. I am currently missing a good white shirt and heels. You will be horrified to hear I can't do heels. Full stop.
As for LBD's, I have just bought one from top shop for £40
(link included - not sure if it will work). I also bought a long black cardi. Looks great over jeans with long cardi and my emu's. Also looks great with black tights and mary janes. It's silky and very forgiving. Looks nicer in the flesh than on the website! Good luck!!

that girl? said...

Mud - I love DVF and was able to purchase two of her dresses in NYC at an outlet store last year. One was a famous wrap dress, it's a brown and white print and looks great. the best part it was only £75. I saw the same one on Netaporter and it was about £300! I'd love one in plain black but might have to wait until another trip to NY (far in the future!), to indulge in DVF again!
CTTF - Thanks for the link - love this dress! I need something to dress up or down and like the idea of being able to wear it with my uniform of jeans and uggs! If it's still available in Feb I might give it a whirl - I vowed not to buy any clothes in January! Is it really only the 5th today??

Home Office Mum said...

I'd fail dismally on your must have list. My wardrobe is rubbish. I might borrow your fashion books for advice.

that girl? said...

Home Office Mum - The fashion book library is always open - feel free to drop by anytime!