Monday, 26 January 2009


The last few days spent watching Obama's inauguration and the surging hope and optimism of the American people has left me feeling inspired, energised and enthusiastic... and I'm British and have a lot to learn about American politics! 

The more I hear about him, the more I want to find out; I've taken to scouring the BBC and Times websites with my post breakfast coffee as opposed to lurking on Net A Porter, Celebrity Baby Scoop or Who What Wear Daily! We purchased both his books yesterday and after a week of talking about him, Small Child can now pronounce his name properly - for a while there he was known as Caramak Bama! 

I think she's taken on board my obsession! She constantly asked to see pictures of his two daughters and liked the coats that they wore for the ceremony; she asked me who the lady was that he was dancing with at one of the inauguration balls and even sat on my lap to watch his first presidential speech - in full! I'm glad that she's shown an interest and I admit to fueling the fire this week, after all, it is one of the better moments that will make up her grasp of  modern history.

Feel free to admire the U.S. Lego flag that I made for her; trust me, this was a seriously good effort for me as I don't have a huge amount of creative flair when it comes to Lego. I guess that doesn't really go with their ethos of there being no limit except that of your imagination! But she loves it even if it doesn't correctly show the number of states and isn't very practical to wave about! 


auntiegwen said...

Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one, it's good to have a hobby that doesn't include shoes.

Anyway, now we've done world affairs, maybe you can help me ? I am going to London ( to buy a heat magazine, sorry we always sing that chez auntiegwen !) So I'm being treated to a swanky weeekend and I need to source a black backless dress (he loves my back, sorry if thats tmi) and I've found a Sophia Kokosalaki for £255 on matches but it's just not quite right,

your mission, should you choose to accept it is to help me find a black backless dress size 8 and I'm only 5 foot 3 but will always wear at least 4 inch heels, next time you're perusing your online shops, keep half an eye out and email me please, please, please ? I really want to look good, it's very special.

And I promise to come help you with your mum

lunarossa said...

Love your American lego flag! Small Child must have learn a lot from you! I'm sure Obama would like it as well. He seems the cool type. I love Caramak Bama too, sounds like a caramel-toffee or a mash mellow brand!!! Your SM must be a lot of fun! Ciao. Antonella

A Confused Take That Fan said...

ooh, I am intrigued by auntie's special weekend in London now...
Hope you find her a nice dress..
Anyway, back to Obama. Who even my mum swoons over. I heart him. Big time. He is an inspiration. Let's hope he lives up to it. Makes Gordon Brown seem very beige doesn't he?

that girl? said...

Auntie G - How exciting - love swanky trips to London and planning the outfits is one of the best bits! I would be honoured to assist you in your search and will keep a beady eye on my mags and sites! In the meantime - do you have a John Lewis nearby as ours has a DAY Birger et Mikkelsen section and they do some slinky but beautiful clothes. They have a NIGHT section too and I found an LBD there. When are you going?
Antonella - SM is tons of fun...she's like a little sponge at the moment and watching her learn is a joy! Kind of makes up for the demon days - such as yesterday!
CTTF - totally agree! I think a sludgy shade of grey even! To quote one of Tara's specials - we Puffy Heart him too!

mothership said...

carack bama indeed! My four year old ,who is herself a US citizen born here in California, only recently learned not to call him arack bombamba (as in Mr Bombastic, say me fantastic..)
You are in good company with your lego flag. We made a US flag out of chocolate cupcakes with patriotic icing for the inauguration and stained everyone's teeth red and blue in the process.

that girl? said...

Mothership - Thanks for stopping in! Am impressed with the cupcake idea... and not just because I LOVE cupcakes!