Saturday, 16 May 2009

Oh What A Night!! (Part One - The One With All The Sophistication)!

My balloons... before everyone started wearing the zero!
Where do I start? I guess a good place would be in the hotel room, with a glass of Veuve, our good friends D and S who arrived looking respectively dapper and beautiful and presented me with this beautiful book! 

A quick taxi ride to the venue to the venue provided the first of many SATC-esque moments! S noted that actually getting me in the taxi in The Dress was like "pushing a creme puff through a keyhole"!

The creme puff in all it's glory!

The room was fantastic, filled with twinkling tea lights and silver and black balloons floated from the ceiling. This provided many SATC valentines day dinner scene moments as they attached themselves to my guests at various points in the evening!

As more and more people arrived I got more and more excited and a couple of very happy hours passed far too quickly as I caught up with so many dear friends and family folk. The ladies all looked gorgeous in their various party and cocktail dresses and the men were all very James Bond in DJ's! 

The cupcakes provided by The Divine Miss C from Sponge Cupcake Boutique were an absolute hit both in terms of looks and taste! I did a quick impromptu thank you speech beside the sugary tower which hopefully was not too garbled. I seem to remember becoming very closely acquainted with the champagne after that and things probably became a little more blurry!

The Divine Cupcakes!

For the less sophisticated part of the evening, come back soon!


notSupermum said...

You look gorgeous!! Love, love, love The Dress. Wow! Glad you had such a great time. x

Yummy Mummy said...

You look stunning! The dress is to die for, and I no have a serious cupcake craving. Did I mention you looked beautiful? Can't wait to hear the rest...


Maternal Tales said...

Wow!!! Gorgeous dress. Is that really you??? You don't look a day over 30!!! Can't wait to hear the debauched part! x

Banana said...

You look amazing! So glad you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing about the debauched part of the evening...!

eveymoo said...

I'm guessing I might be on the more unsophisticated bit!! Fab party though xxx

that girl? said...

NSM - Bless you and thanks! It was a good job the dress was black or I could have easily been mistaken for one of the cupcakes!! xx
YM - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Am sending you cupcake thoughts across the Atlantic. (Theres only one left in the box and its calling me!!) xx
Maternal Tales - How much do I love you for your kind words?!?!?! Good old Clarins and Mac make up!!
Banana - Thank you honey! Cant promise to deliver on debauchery but it certainly got a little less sophisticated later on! You know our lot!! xx
Eveymoo - Certainly not! everyone has been saying how lovely you looked and even when we were tearing up the dance floor there was no falling over!! Glad you enjoyed it!! xx

Jules said...

We almost shared a joint bday toast. I had Veuve at my Champagne brunch and Moet at my spa weekend (on your actual bday!). Congratulations, you look fabulous!

That Girl said...

Jules - Bring on the bubbles!! You cant beat a transatlantic champagne toast! xx