Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Tale Of Two Shopping Trips

Given the choice of scenario a) or b)... which would you choose?


A pre-arranged Monday with all appropriate children being appropriately looked after, the promise of a girly lunch, a trip to Space NK (yes, yes, yes!) and as much wandering up and down, in and out of shops as that days chosen heels will allow.

The day dawned early but not bright. My friend and fellow shopping addict E, thought I might call and cancel... as if! When has a bit of rain ever put me off a child free retail therapy day? Having fought the urge to go with the wedge sandals because they are high enough to get you over the puddles but provide enough comfort for even the most exhaustive of trips, I went all sensible and wore some that would actually keep my feet dry. 

No such sensibility for the jacket; I refused to wear a raincoat as my Gap jacket would look much nicer with the New York jeans reserved for special shopping occasions and anyway... I had an umbrella and of course the rain wouldn't last all day. It did. The umbrella didn't. I got out of the car, it blew inside out and went permanently lopsided which provided a convenient path for the water to run either down inside the collar of my jacket, into my handbag or  directly onto E, depending on which way I turned it!

But you know what, none of that mattered. Due to the good girly company, purchases in Space NK (see here, here and here), a bargain pair of black gladiator sandals from H & M and a strawberry cupcake and skinny latte from Starbucks; no amount of wet clothes, sore feet or stupid pink spotty handbag sized but useless umbrellas would have ruined my day! Plus... this trip was nothing like the one below!

(A Bargain!)

A sunny Saturday and Thatgirl, Small Child and Other Half set off to their local shopping mecca in search of kiddy vitamins, lunch, new sportswear for me and some good old fashioned family quality time! Vitamins successfully tracked down in Boots, lunch inhaled at Caffe Nero without any tantrums, spillages or major breakdowns and suitable sports wear that covers all necessary parts located, I stood in line to pay at M & S.

How nice think I, to stand in a queue without a small person hanging off my leg demanding that something be wiped/bought/eaten, at the same time basking in the brief sense of freedom bought about by the fact that Other Half is on duty.  So it's OK for me to just vacantly stare at all the knickers whilst letting my mind wander off elsewhere. At this point it might be worthwhile explaining that the queue was shorter at the underwear department cash desk, hence all the knicker gazing!

Having added a pack of M & S's finest seamless, no VPL under garments to my basket and completed the transaction with the nice sales lady, I wandered back to rejoin my small but perfectly formed brood.

Beside a shop dummy attired in something far more sexy and come hither than I have just purchased, is stood my husband, looking at me in a somewhat helpless fashion, shrugging his shoulders. Beside him is my daughter, tee shirt lifted to flash her entire top half, dancing around and repeatedly chanting "Boobies, Belly, Minnie...la la la la"!

Apparently she had been told by an assistant to stop wheeling around on her scooter in the shop, because "those were the rules". Having asked Daddy what rules were and why couldn't they be broken, she decided to break one of my old favourites;  never, ever, ever dance around flashing your bits in the lingerie department.

Overall, I think I probably enjoyed scenario b) as much as a), just for very different reasons! 


auntiegwen said...

My 17 year old daughter was very bemused and confused by the split crotch pants on the sale rack in Myla !

But we had a lovely of shopping at Bicester Village on Sunday, she didn't show her bits to anyone though !

Anonymous said...

Did she learn that from her mother?

that girl? said...

Auntie G - I am nearly 40 and still bemused by split crotch pants! Glad you had a good shopping trip and I NEED to get to Bicester Village one of these days!
Mud - How did you guess? At a drunken Xmas do in years gone by, I remember proudly showing my best friend my matching silver glittery pants that I had on under a long silver evening dress. One of the few instances where its OK to do matchy-matchy!

Home Office Mum said...

They both sound excellent. I feel dancing around partly naked in lingerie departments is vastly underrated. I might try it myself next time I escape to the shops.

lunarossa said...

Both shopping experiences would do me, thanks! At the moment I'm so overworked and tired that I'd be grateful for a shopping spree in Home Bargains!!! Changing the subject, is your BIG day on the
14th May? My not big day is on the 10th!!! CIao. A.

that girl? said...

HMO - I think Small Child could be onto something here - freedom of expression and all that! Let me know how get on with your first semi naked jig!
Antonella - Sorry to hear your overworked and tired - a birthday break is what's needed. I can't believe all these May babies out there... actual BIG day is the 16th. Hope you have a lovely time on the 10th! x

Maternal Tales said...

Hello fellow Taurean - mine's on the 14th!! Ooh I don't think I'd mind either scenarios - anything to get out of the house!! x

that girl? said...

Maternal Tales - Welcome to my humble abode and also to the May Birthday gang! I had a quick shimmy across to your place last night via the iphone whilst sitting in bed (very romantic) and likey likey your blog a lot! Will be doing some catch up reading over there.