Thursday, 15 May 2008

Aerobics With Ants

No I haven't had one too many dandelion detox teas! Whilst trying my hardest to maintain the "plank" position last week in my exercise class, I glanced down at the carpet in an effort to take my mind off the burning pain in my stomach and thigh muscles...and saw ants marching towards me! You would now be right in assuming that I am not a member of some swanky gym full of fit Bunnies and Ladies Who Lunch, although I did used to belong to one when I was single! In an effort to re-start shifting some of the post baby weight, (yes I know..Small Child is now three so it should have come off a long time ago!); I thought I would try a class that is held in the local community hall - funnily enough the same place where I attended a mum & baby group when Small Child was a Very Small Baby!! I wouldn't say the hall is particularly skanky but the ants did make me wonder about how many times I watched all the baby's rolling about on the floor there, no doubt inadvertently consuming a few bugs along the way! Anyhoo, one of the plus points for the class, apart from the free wildlife exhibition, is that compared to some of the other attendees I don't feel either quite so out of shape, out of step...or so odd! On the second row you will find crazy outfit lady who grunts and groans like Monica Seles, right at the back there are two Chatty Cathy dolls who talk throughout the whole thing, (how rude!) and at the front is "best friend of the instructor" who loves to discuss the moves they do at "all the other classes". And then there is me and the two ladies whom I first met through the mums group, all getting redder in the face by the minute and doing our best not to bump into each other during the "mambo" move! We then head off home, congratulating each other on dragging ourselves along for another week as the last thing we feel like doing after working and picking up kids etc is exercising. I then consume a glass or three of red wine and I know for a fact that one of the other two is looking forward to her weekly quota of chocolate! Oh was the thought that counts! P.S. As for the "plank" - don't try it unless you have buns and ab's of steel - I would liken it to a form of torture!

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