Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Still A Girl?

I have just realised that there is something of a conflict between my blog title and sign off name! A (really-soon-to-be) 39 year old girl?! Whilst we have all seen a few of these over know the type...mutton dressed as scrag end my grandad used to call it - the two images don't really marry up. Perhaps it's just that this half factual, half fictitious woman still feels the same as she did when she was a girl? Which leads me onto another question - when do you stop being a girl anyway? And I don't mean technically, (I did study human biology!), I mean mentally! I remember being 7 and hero worshipping any girl who was that exciting thing.....a teenager! I couldn't wait to get to my teen years and think I started carrying a handbag when I was about 9! (Eureka moment!! - that's where the accessories obsession stems from!!) Then, when I was about 15, 25 seemed ancient - all 25 year olds must be married with kids and that's where I would be when I got there. Yeah right - more on that much later!! I embraced my 30th birthday as I'd been reading Cosmopolitan magazine for some time by then and knew that every woman should welcome it with open arms and mind. And Cosmo (and my ever optimistic self) were both right, great things happened in my 30's - I bought my own flat, met the right man (eventually!), sold the flat for a profit, got married and had a child. I also refined my shopping skills down to a fine art and have to admit that this is still a work in progress; I am a perfectionist and refuse to stop until I obtain reach new heights of shopping perfection! My last year of my 30's is now speeding towards me at full throttle yet in so many ways I still feel the same as when I was 18! I guess its no bad thing to retain some of the inner child - I wouldn't want to go back there as I much prefer being older and (sometimes) wiser, but I can use it as an excuse for any idiotic behaviour/over excitedness/girly strops etc. The one thing I must remember is to make sure that I don't dress like the ladies my grandad would point out - its all to easy to succombe to the tendancy of wanting to "over ice the cake" when you start to feel your youth slipping away!


Banana said...

I know how you feel. I still think I'm in my mid 20's too. Darling Husband (DH) reminded me that I'm older than I think I am when I went to look for jeans in TopShop. He looked me up and down in outside the changing room and said "I think TopShop jeans look better on younger people...". Needless to say, I slunk out of there with my tail between my legs. Probably a good thing though as my muffin top tummy is still very much in existence! (Another reminder that I'm not in my mid 20's anymore.) Great blog though in general - really fits with my life at the moment. X

Thatgirl said...

I take it DH wasn't much of a DH after that! But hey, there comes a time when we all have to stop buying clothes from Topshop - the only things I can buy from there without wanting to run and hide are accessories! And as for muffin tops, I can highly recommend "Bridget" pants! Thanks for your comments - keep in touch x