Thursday, 8 May 2008

Fact or Fiction?

Am I really (soon to be) 39..surely my life hasn't gone that quickly? Due to the fact that I am now married with a daughter, jointly own a home, have lines appearing on my face and feel the need to tell the world about all of this, it must be true! I'm about to embark on my 40th year and feel the need to put down on paper some of the things that fill up my poor aching brain all day! Can you be Yummy and Mummy at the same time? Is there a suburban housewife trapped inside this wannabe fashionista who lives to shop, prefers only to drink champagne, craves an "it" bag and wear expensive shoes? Or do I secretly yearn to be the earth mother whose child is the embodiment of current P.C. behaviour, who can pick and freeze all the vegetables from her allotment yet still manage to look like something out of the Calvin Klein Eternity ad whilst being covered in all manner of toddler goo? Maybe you can be both but one thing is for certain...I will be hitting the big one next year whichever "me" wins out; so perhaps I should just take my selves off to buy some more mothering handbooks and investment pieces of clothing and let the credit card bill decide!

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