Monday, 12 May 2008

New York City Girl

I am not a "native New Yorker" as per the lyrics of that now retro-cool seventies song, but since becoming an avid Friends and then Sex and the City fan, plus one trip of a lifetime later, I can honestly say I am hooked! Holidays of note have not generally included cities but this one gets right to the heart of you and never leaves - I can see why New Yorkers go on about it so much! After taking redundancy from my job of fifteen plus years and receiving a decent pay out, Other Half and I decided we would take ourselves off there for four days, sans Small Child, and do NYC in style! Despite the trauma of only being allowed to take hand luggage due to baggage belt failure and the airport being securely tucked in under a thick blanket of fog, we did take off and only one hour late. We stayed in The Soho Grand Hotel with a room on the 12th floor that provided an amazing view uptown that I could have gazed at the whole four days! Thatgirl's NYC hi-lites?
A mid afternoon cocktail at the Waldorf Astoria.
Purchasing a pair of Louboutin's in Saks Fifth Avenue shoe department that was so big it had it's own zip code!
A helicopter tour of the city, despite my being scared within an inch of my life when they sat me next to the pilot!
Dinner at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant, Maze in The London Hotel - and before going in, pressing my nose against the window of Manolo Blahnik!
Knock down designer shopping in the snow. I can highly recommend buying two Diane Von Furstenberg dresses for less than the price of one when its snowing outside as a great way to keep warm!
Coffee in Central Park (not Perk!)
Using the ladies room in Tiffany's - I only ever pee in the best places!
Starbucks breakfast en-route to the top of the Empire State building.
Walking down 5th Avenue, swinging my Medium Brown Bag and looking up to see the building where Chandler works!
Late lunch at Katz's deli - minus the faked orgasm by Sally Albright!

We were only allowed to leave once Other Half agreed that we could come back when Small Child is not so small, so that she can share the shopping experience; though hers will be more at FAO Schwartz than Bloomingdales I think!

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