Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday Afternoons

Friday afternoons should not be spent in the fact they should be spent anywhere but! I don't do Fridays at work..I mean I used to in my old job, but since starting this one I haven't done them up until now. And its far too quiet today...hence the brain has wandered off again! I work in a small office, (used to work in a large one), with a much smaller salary than the one I had in the large one! The joys of being a working mother know no abounds! Part time work is harder to find than the flat tummy I have lurking beneath my post-child layer and then there is the priority battle that frequently rears up between finishing that important piece of work versus being there for the post bedtime tantrum! And so I find myself thinking of other things I would like to be doing right now five all time Friday Afternoon Pursuits:

Shopping has to be the all time favourite - in particular the kind of cut price designer shopping myself and Other Half indulged in during a trip to a snow covered New York City recently!

Sitting outside a bar/cafe/restaurant with a drink in hand, magazine in the other, Other Half sat opposite, Small Child (mine) sat next to me behaving impeccably (yeah right!) Alternate version of that would be Small Child staying with Grandparents for the night...which leads onto....

Sleeping!! Never in my life have I appreciated so much the illicit joy of an afternoon nap than since I had Small Child! I don't care whats going on...if theres a chance I can catch up on sleep then I do.. and unlike most mothers, I don't feel guilty about it!!

Watching a movie with the biggest bucket of salted popcorn I can carry with only citrus flavour fruit gums to follow for dessert! The movie would be the upcoming fashion fest that will be Sex And The City! I "heart" Carrie Bradshaw!!

All of the above, one after the other and in no particular order!

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