Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Its been a few days since my last entry and forgive me dear reader... for boy have I sinned!! That would be sinning in the over eating, over drinking and general over indulgence sense! I know that statistics say it is very hard to get in shape once you get past 40 so now that the count down is officially on, I plan to do it before!! Unfortunately, birthday celebrations aren't generally conducive with cutting back but I always aim to celebrate in style so it was never going to start until the weekend was over anyway!

We had an amazing six course taster menu dinner at the aforementioned swanky hotel, of which four courses were accompanied by a glass of wine, each from a different region! Prior to dinner we had a bottle of Veuve, so the planned retirement to the lounge to partake of coffee and liquors turned out to be a only a brief cup of coffee before admitting defeat and going home! As Small Child was on a sleep over, the thought of nine hours plus uninterrupted sleep was too much to pass up!
So...the new clothes are hanging in the wardrobe, a pair of (very Carrie Bradshaw) shoes that I fell in love with are nestling in their box awaiting their first outing, the Veuve Cliquot bottle has gone to the recycling bank and I am now 39 and counting! Bring it on!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thatgirl! Just wanted to say that I am absolutely loving your blog page! Although being a bit younger yourself (25 & counting!) I still feel there is so much I can relate to! Keep up the good work & can't wait until the next story in the life of "that girl-39 And Counting! xxx