Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Blips, Whips, Hens & Chips!

Hhhmmmm... you may be wondering where I'm going with this!  I have been on a hen weekend in Amsterdam and have encountered all of the above!! 
Blips...let me count them for there have been many! I promised myself that I would be leading a more alcohol-free lifestyle after the 39th birthday but this weekend soon put a temporary hold on that idea.
As for whips...well it was a hen weekend (I believe their called bachelorette parties in America or chooks in Australia?), so there had to be some kind of kinky thing somewhere!
Hens - there were eight of us in total, and apart from the bride to be's mum, I was the oldest! 
Chips? ... I ate a lot of these over three days to compensate for the immense amounts of alcohol ingested each night! 
If you want more gossip on all of the above then please come back later when I've finished catching up on Work, Washing and Working off the calories at ant aerobic-fest tomorrow night!!  

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