Thursday, 24 July 2008

Come the Fug On!

Oh dear blog... do I ever lose my temper behind the wheel these days? I'm not religious by the way so, if anyone is, please overlook my substitution of blog in place of God! (Actually, blogging could be my religion of choice since I seem to spend all spare time worshipping at the alter of Mac now!)  I think it's fair to say that most people do take on an alter ego behind the wheel when faced with other incompetent drivers but since going back to work two years ago and finding myself either racing to or from nursery or whizzing here there and everywhere on my day off, I have to confess it's gotten a whole lot worse! Why don't people stop driving at a snails pace when I have less than five minutes to get to work because Small Child wouldn't come down the stairs without her Dora The Explorer suitcase rammed full of lego? Why is that when Small Child says she's desperate for a wee that the woman in front of me decides to just pull up and let her passenger out whilst having an intense discussion at the same time? Meanwhile the road is now blocked and I'm gnawing on the dashboard at the thought of Small Child flooding the car seat! (I can't help it... it's my inner Monica! I'm sure there are some mums that wouldn't flinch at that but not me! )    Of course, road rage incidents with your precious little package on board, present a whole new issue with the expletives that invariably fly out when you're presented with someone who quite obviously should not have been allowed to take their test, let alone pass it!  Try not saying the F word when someone drives at you (on your side of the road) on a winding country lane to nursery when the sun is obscuring your vision! I failed miserably and then tried to disguise it as a song I was singing about ducks!  As yet, Small Child hasn't come out with my personal  favourites that rhyme with "hugger", "twit" and "rollocks" but I'm not sitting too smugly as she can store things up for weeks before actually repeating them!   

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Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I was recently rammed up the backside by another car and I was enraged because my little girl was crying in the backseat. She wasn't hurt just really shocked. So I got out of the car all worked up and ready to rumble, but the other driver was a man in his 50s who when he found out I had a child in the back of the car was almost crying himself!