Monday, 21 July 2008

Dummy Fairy Update

The much anticipated First Night Without Dummy has come and gone... without too much ado! In fact we've now had two dummy-less sleeps and Small Child, who never ceases to amaze me, was not as bad as I thought she'd be! The event was not without ceremony, in fact I'd say it was a defining moment in my world of sometimes creative parenting! Having gone to purchase the aforementioned fish, we realised we couldn't just bring one home in a bowl straight off - its all very technical with filters, water de-chlorination etc. Not sure what was going on with the goggly eyed black fish that lived with us in our hotel room in the Soho Grand for four days then! He was in a simple but stylish round glass bowl and seemed very happy to be there, but we seem to have ended up with a purple lidded plastic tank affair that is plugged in and everything! ( would be forgiven for thinking you've now clicked on a Fashion For Fish blog!) Anyway, back to the elaborate fairy plot.... we wrote a letter to the dummy removing winged creature of the woodland variety and asked if she could replace it with a pet fish and an electric toothbrush, an obvious choice really! Then Small Child and I went to the bottom of the garden to chant some fairy spells and spin around a lot whilst Other Half took away the letter and dummy, sprinkled some fairy dust around and placed the (empty) tank up in her room. Needless to say, even though it was a fish-free tank, Small Child was suitably impressed with all the pomp and circumstance enough to not start whining about lack of dummy until I put the light out at bedtime! She got out of bed a couple of times but with a few distracting words combined with the infamous Supernanny "back to bed" technique we avoided the kind of blood curdling screaming hysterics that I thought would be inevitable! And it made me quite nostalgic as it was yet another milestone event of disappearing babyhood! As I type this, Other Half is on a mission to the aquatic centre to hopefully purchase two fish so I think there maybe more elaborate fairy happenings chez thatgirl tonight! We decided on two seeing as the abode went from the underwater equivalent of a studio to a two bed apartment and Small Child has already chosen names....Pilchard and Stanley!

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Thank you so much for the awesome comments on my blog! Glad to see you like it! I had a great time reading yours. I wish you lots of luck with the Dummy. I am very glad that I won't have to worry about that for a few years. Hope everything is well across the pond, and make sure to keep writing!
yummy mummy