Wednesday, 23 July 2008

If The Shoe Fits

That's the thing with shoes....they always fit! Even when you've gained an extra 5 pounds or are just having a plain fat day; you can still go to your wardrobe and get a little piece of fashion heaven without having to ask "Does my bum looks big in this?" (By the way, to all Other Halves - the answer to that one is always No... and never hesitate before you answer!) Before I get started on what will be one of many shoe rants, take a moment if you will, to appreciate my beautiful Jimmy Choo's purchased on holiday....I haven't worn them yet as they are from the pre-fall collection (get me!!) and the weather is far too hot for these black patent beauties! But I do confess to getting them out of their box and stroking and sniffing them a few times and even the box itself is beautiful.... I could go on for hours!  First and foremost, how many pairs do I now own? Before I had Small Child, Other Half made me count them up, possibly on a mission again to point out how little wardrobe space he had left; it was 39 pairs. When Small Child came along I had a momentary fit of practical-ness and whittled them down to about 20 more sensible ones. That all changed about two years ago so when I get a spare ten minutes I will count them again and confess on line! (Do I have to include boots,flip flops etc?!?) I'm guessing it will have to include the cork wedge patent strappy sandals I got in New Look sale today for £7!!   My Shoe Hero's - Carrie Bradshaw, Imelda Marcos, Princess Poochie, my friend E and Rose, the sister of Cameron Diaz's party girl, played by Toni Collette in the movie In Her Shoes; a responsible lawyer who has needy but complex relationships and so compulsively buys shoes to relieve her frustrations. (Mind you, if Cameron Diaz was my sister I would probably have a few issues too!)   I have recently decided to braver with my shoes and stop saving so many pairs for "best" because "best" often doesn't happen! I now sometimes team my fiercer heels with sensible work clothes as there really is no point in letting them languish at the back of the wardrobe - I could get run over by a bus tomorrow... and if I do, I want to be wearing some great heels! I have to say though that the streets around my office are probably the worst I've ever encountered and are a libel suit just waiting to happen! There are bits of slab sticking out, sloping concreted curbs and all kinds of strange knobbly looking cobbled bits just where you're supposed to cross! I'm not sure if these are meant to help you as you step off into the road but they certainly don't aid my safe passage when I'm wearing my new tan leather platform bootie sandals!     p.s.  E... the picture of the Choo's is especially for you.... and yes I will leave them to you in my will! 

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