Saturday, 5 July 2008


I believe change is good. When I started this blog I didn't have a clue what direction it would take, I just knew that a significant event such as becoming forty made me want to get off my butt and write. Especially as it's something I had been promising myself I would do for the last five years but I wasn't sure how it would take shape. I know that getting a few gold stars in my school essay book and passing English exams with flying colours does not a budding novelist make! So blogging seemed like the ideal thing but where the hell do you start? The elements I wanted were the bits of me that I like; being a wife and mother to the two most important people in the world, loving my life, having a huge fashion and subsequent shopping addiction and being able to generally draw out the lighter side of life's events that might otherwise get you down! So I started thinking I should not give too much away, definitely be anonymous and go for the whole yummy mummy, fashion, gossipy, Carrie Bradshaw approach. It felt too fake and since I live in a village and have only visited NYC once, it would end up being more Cavorting In The Country than Sex In the City! But you have to start and get it down on paper (or in this case, screen) to see where you can go. So before your very eyes I will continue to evolve as it's all very much trial and error; some days I want to gush about the nitty gritty stuff that real life is made of and others I just want to go on about those gorgeous heels I saw in In Style magazine and very handy shift dress that really hides my bumpy bits so well.  Maybe I'll stop adding pictures to all my posts and maybe some will just be a bit shorter - who knows? Some may be a quick insight to something trivial and some might be a bit more in depth. But whatever form they take, it sometimes feels a bit scary as you expose all the stuff in your head and you wonder if people will judge you in any number of wrong ways. What I do know is that I'm old enough not too care too much and understand that what some people like, others won't and so be it! On that note I'm off to bed as a common thread seems to be me, up late, fitting this in at the end of a busy day as it's becoming important to me.... now that has to be good!        


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! It's so great to meet someone that feels the same thing as I about NYC! Most people I know think it's just overrated the whole idea of New York is one of the most, if not the most, 'beautiful' city in the world, and they think the «american dream» is totally stupid... But I really want to believe that that exists. =P Anyway, I live in Lisbon and it's not a small city like yours, but the people I know really don't care very much for fashion nor anything related to it, so I decided I would inject them everyday with a huge dose of the «whole yummy mummy, fashion, gossipy, Carrie Bradshaw approach»! Anyway great blog!^^

TaraMetBlog said...

Cavorting In The Country would have made for a good blog name!