Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Daddy Mac!

I'm suffering from a severe case of the "Hello Lover's" again! This time not over shoes... but shock-horror... technology!!  Today I have officially become a Mac Geek!  For the first time, I got what Other Half means when he says going into the Apple store is like going to his "happy place"! We went to buy this beautiful Mac Book Air.... surely you can you see how sexy-techno it is as you read this post that was created upon it's gorgeous, slim little hardware butt? You can't? Must be just me then! I've always held our i-mac and i-pod in the highest regard but since blogging I admit to becoming a bit obsessed by the whole Apple deal. Maybe it's my weakness for the next trendy concept but I'm getting hooked into the Mobile Me package and feel like it's just a slippery slope ride down to his and her i-phones! And.... if it's good enough to be in SATC the movie then its good enough for me!   We nearly didn't get the package safely home due to an evacuation of the shopping centre though; having talked to three very knowledgeable sales guys, the plastic was swiped and they sent "a runner' off to fetch the precious kit. The alarms had been going off for about five minutes prior to that but with a female voice over the loudspeaker telling us to stand by. Apparently when that changes to a male voice you really have to get the hell out! One of the Mac maestro's then proclaimed that it was now "the dude" talking so we thought we should beat a hasty retreat, feeling extremely lucky that we had managed to pull off "the plan". This trip was not an off-the-cuff one but a carefully thought out plan... we had put Grandparents on stand by two weeks ago to look after Small Child for a couple of hours so we could make an informed peaceful purchase, as opposed to a fraught one with a demanding toddler hanging off my left leg! Drama aside it was a good day with all goals achieved, another of which was Small Child getting a visit from the Dummy Fairy who swapped the now smelly pacifier for an electric toothbrush and a pet fish! But after we've gotten through tonight I feel that should be left for another post! Goodnight x  


Geri said...

You are funny. I also think you are in the wrong field, you need to be a writer.
I totally relate to you on many levels. I'm a 39 year old Mac girl, sometimes yummy, sometimes slightly closer to slummy mummy, who feels that if I get my hair done, it should really look very different when I leave the shop. I look forward to reading your next adventure.

that girl ? said...

Thank you for your lovely comment - you made my day! Especially as I was sat at work doing nothing but blogging (work is real estate and we all know how THAT market is going right now!). I would love to write but am not sure how I would get started...hence the blog! You must be my Californian parallel universe with our shared interest of slummy versus yummy mummy! p.s. I got my hair done Friday after work and when I left the shop it did look a lot straighter then when I do it!