Thursday, 17 July 2008

Mamma Mia.... More More!!

Well, I'm still riding high on my Dancing Queen cloud! What a great movie! We arrived to a packed cinema, so packed in fact that they'd run out of salted popcorn! It took me at least twenty minutes to get over my sulk about that - I'd especially not eaten dinner so I could dive head first into a large bucket of the stuff. For me, half the excitement of a trip to the movies is the salted popcorn.... and the trailers! We settled in for what I thought would be a fun-filled cheese fest; movies of stage musicals always fill me with a certain amount of trepidation ever since I had to turn off Evita halfway though! It's that whole breaking into song thing that doesn't quite translate so well from stage to film! Once I'd got over the first few far bars of Meryl Streep breaking into "Money Money Money", I was totally drawn into it! I won't ruin the very uncomplicated, unrealistic plot if you haven't seen it but by the end of it I wanted to jump up and sing and dance in the aisle with platform boots and flared sequin trousers on! So I think, did the rest of the audience but you know how reserved us English can be. There was however some clapping along to the last track and cheering too which is pretty over excited stuff for a British movie audience! By the end of the movie I'd just about reconciled the idea of Pierce Brosnan singing and dancing and realised that the character of Tanya played by Christine Baranski will be me in about twenty years time! For an alternative review, click here to visit Empire, a site whom Other Half and I often look to for a film critique. I didn't look there before I went or before I wrote this so as not to be influenced!

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