Monday, 14 July 2008

The road (back) to enlightenment...

... is one paved with many crucial decisions! I am talking about the enlightenment of the hair variety, specifically, my decision to return to a state of blondness that I thought I'd abandoned for good last winter. My friend E once said that I change my hair more often than I change my handbags - think she was exaggerating slightly as I generally change my handbag daily! But she does have a point... I'm one of those people who strives to get her hair to that crucial length or shade and then goes for something completely different! Naturally within one month of doing that I then start planning how to get it back to it's original state as I miss putting it up/going curly/being a blond/straightening it etc. Having left my job in October I decided that drastic change of the hair variety was called for and took my admittedly, somewhat scraggy, long (dark) blond hair off for an overhaul. The chestnut brown short bob that I came out with looked sleek and healthy and only slightly on the Victoria Beckham "POB" side of things! For a while I liked catching sight of my reflection and being surprised that the dark haired woman staring back was actually me. But once Christmas was over I started thinking about spring and the blond urges started to creep in when blow drying my hair in the mornings. I couldn't leave it to dry on it's own and let the curls take over anymore either because it was too short and ended up looking less like surf induced tousle and more mad granny caught in a rain shower! So after two or three conversations with my stylist about going lighter, his apparent reluctance to let me hit the bleach and me then finding a hairdresser who did oblige, I am now a growing-out-my-bob happy shade of mid to dark blond. The aim is that by the time I hit fab 40 next year it will be the appropriate style for an on trend, busy working, sometimes yummy but occasionally slummy, mummy! With my classic but versatile style befitting of a "woman my age" I can at least look back and laugh at past efforts.... High lights (pardon the pun) included: cropped bleach blond in the style of Papa Don't Preach Madonna that made my dog growl at me, the short at the sides spiky on top popular 80's do, the orange permed bob in the style of lost sheep on acid and long curly blond ringlets circa Kylie Minogue I Should Be So Lucky era. I guess I'm lucky to still have hair at all after that!

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