Friday, 25 July 2008

A Future Carrie Bradshaw?

Small Child seems to be developing an eclectic fashion sense of late! My personal favorites include welly boots coupled with nothing but a pair of pants, socks worn as gloves and this very fru-fru fairy dress which reminds me of the tutu worn by Ms Bradshaw in the opening credits of SATC! I love clothes shopping for her almost as much as I do for myself and lately she seems to be more interested in taking an active part. After a recent incident with a bottle of strawberry smoothie when we were out shopping, an emergency dash to H & M for a replacement t-shirt culminated in a whole new summer holiday wardrobe for her! Cruise collection at the age of three? Although... Grazia haven't picked up on any spring summer collections that contained an H & M Hello Kitty raincoat this year so she must be more fashion forward than I give her credit for! 
Getting dressed for nursery in the mornings is often a battle against the clock and her stubborn will, so I've totally given up on cajoling her into my choice of coordinated, weather appropriate clothing. I now just verbalise some sort of excuse for her appearance to the principal who greets us at the door every morning and leave a selection of alternative garments in her bag in case they're needed, whilst also being secretly proud that she looks somewhat kooky! Maybe this is because, from the age of about fifteen onwards, I decided that it was always better to dress a bit nonconformist despite being the victim of bullying from some of the "popular" girls.  About three years after I left school I saw one of those "popular" girls whilst re-visiting the place I used to live; she was pushing a pram with not one of the "cool guys" in sight - enough said! 
Meanwhile, back in the present... before I get to my car to begin my hurried drive to work, I've often seen Captain Marvel and Dick Whittington's cat heading into nursery with their harassed mum/dad in tow so I know I don't suffer alone! 

Fashion Credits for Small Child:
Hat - Marks & Spencer
Pink Tutu - John Lewis
Socks - Hello Kitty
Wand - vintage       

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