Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Fall-ing Into You

I love this time of year for so many different reasons. Being British I guess I should be whinging about the summer, or lack of it, but instead I will be embracing the next season with open arms and heart!

Other Half and I got back together during this season six years ago... and if you want to know more about the "back" together bit you'll have to come back another day for that story! The weather turning and the promise of crisp cold mornings always reminds me of that time when I fell into life-long love. (OK, not only am I using a Celine Dion song for the post title but now I'm starting to sound like her too!)
I love it when you can smell the cold in the air and kick up piles of leaves everywhere you walk; one of the many benefits of living on the edge of a forest! Now that we have Small Child the events associated with this time of the year; Halloween, fireworks and Christmas, all mean so much more. Apologies for the premature mention of the C word by the way, but I've already seen some chocolate reindeer lollies in M & S so I'm sure that others have been bandying it about before me!

And the clothes... ooohh I love winter clothes and not just because they hide a multitude of sins! Big jumpers, long cardigans, boots, scarves, woolly hats and gloves. I give it about two more weeks before I'm delving into our under bed storage bags to get it all out and do the seasonal wardrobe swap over. I learned from Trinny & Susannah that you should never store your jumpers alongside your bikini's - that was how I filled my weekends before becoming a parent!

Anyway, I woke up this morning thinking about donning lots of wool layers and going off in search of weekend walks that culminate in a pub with roaring log fire and some rosy cheeked locals.... and here I sit in an autumnal shade dress, opaque tights and riding boots...sweating my arse off cos the sun's just come out!  


mrsbear said...

I am really envying you right about now. I'm in South Florida where it's hot year round except maybe for 3 to 4 days in January and December when we marvel about the cooler temps...50 degrees Fahrenheit. I love crisp cool weather, here it's soggy warm weather, nothing appealing about it. ;-)

Mom/Mum said...

V funny post.
Am getting excited about the change of colour in the leaves here in Michigan. Fall brings some beautiful colours that I just never noticed in England - mainly I guessed because the leaves were always soggy with rain or I was always soggy from alcohol!
However, I see that H&M is doing a lovely line of knits this winter, so some extreme purchasing may have to be done to hide the summer ice cream indulgence bulge!
ps Was in a store here (Costco) at the weekend and they had Christmas trees for sale and a variety of twinkly lights. Tsk!