Friday, 19 September 2008

Random House

Hooray.... it's Friday or Myday as I like to call it now! A day spent not working, not being Mummy but doing the food shopping, tidying up/cleaning/sorting stuff (inner Monica again), maybe a coffee and sometimes a bit of afternoon blogging! The afternoon blogging suits Other Half as it means he gets to talk to my face as opposed to my back on a Friday night!

And so to celebrate today's Myday, I will be answering notSupermum's random questions!

1. Which song is guaranteed to make you cry?    
It has to be This Woman's Work by Kate Bush. I first saw it on a movie called She's Having A Baby which is essentially a John Hughes-esque comedy but with a very moving bit near the end. I think it starred Ally Sheedy and Kevin Bacon. (Shh Mrs Dawn Till Rusk... you know you love him really!) Anyway the song is so sad - listen to it after two glasses of wine if you dare! 

2. What is your favourite waste of time?
Well I was going to say shopping but I don't consider that a waste of time at all! So it would have to be sitting in the coffee shop with stack of magazines and coffee on tap.

3. What was your most recent fashion mistake?
I think it might be a pair of boots I bought in Amsterdam whilst on Sister In Law's hen do. They're a bit retro (see picture) and when I tried them on in the shop they looked great with the linen dress I had on; the legs were a bit brown, courtesy of Clarins fakery, but they were brown. Since getting them home I can't find anything that looks good with them and the words "too old" keep whispering in my ear!

4. Desert island time: what would be your one beauty product to take with you?
Conditioner leapt to mind seeing as I look like a Tasmanian devil without it but I thought I could be resourceful in a Tom Hanks Castaway vibe and use the local coconut milk for that... and body lotion! So it would be sun screen, SPF 50. Premature wrinkles whilst stranded on a desert island are so last season!

5. Which CD are you playing ad nauseum? 
That would be Madonna - Hard Candy. It's my WAKE UP music and Small Child loves to bop along to it on the way to pre-school! She even asks for it when we get in the car now and by the artist's proper name; she went around for months calling her McDonald!  I know she has a country estate in Dorset and swanky pads in London and New York but does she have a farm?  


notSupermum said...

Aww, that's a great Kate Bush song...yep, quite a weepy. Love the rest of your answers too - thanks for doing it!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Aww. She's Having a Baby, you're such a big softie That Girl!
I bet you are a sucker for The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink too aren't you.
I get goose bumps when I hear Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds because it reminds me of off those great movies and meeting my hubby to be.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I like the boots...
Don't they look good with skinny jeans?
I am very envious of your Fridays. I dream of Fridays like that...Lucky lucky girl! Catching up on blogging on a Saturday night - how rock n roll?

WendyB said...

I love those boots! You should definitely wear them.