Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"Y" Is For Yummy

So... my baby Small Child is so grown up that she's now at pre-school - I always find it emotional each time she takes the next development step on in her life, so god knows what I'll be like this time next year when she starts big school! 

Eeek... then I'll be an official School Mum and thrown in amongst the ranks of the one-up-man-ship-set and the look-down-your-nose-if-designer-sunglasses-and-Botox-allows brigade! Actually, seeing as I don't live in the middle of London I'm sure it wont be that bad. However, judging by what some of my friends who already have kids at school say, competitive mummy syndrome does exist in every school up and down the country! And it's not just about how yummy the actual mummy is; there's the social side... you know, helping out at the right events, PTA meetings, committee's etc. How well is little Johnny/Jenny doing in class, the car you drive or rather the large SUV you don't drive anymore as it's much more Eco friendly to walk to school... plus it burns off those skinny lattes and organic bran muffins (the homemade variety of course)!

I try not to think about all of this as it makes my head spin and is likely to cause me sleepless nights for the next year. Small Child is already taking care of that actually with her continued middle of the night demands for drink/wee/cuddle so perhaps when she wakes tonight I could discuss my future Yummy Mummy training plans and get her take on things?   

So where does the WWWIA (Woman Who Wants It All) go to get help with these things? Well... the blog world is proving to be quite a fruitful source I must say! I come across a lot of insightful blog posts that I take bits from and store them away for later! Mummies, both Alpha and Slummy from The Times provide useful and humorous insights into it all. But I always live by the mantra "Stick with what you know best!" So check out this article from The Telegraph  I think it gave a sensible view of the dressing bit... though most of my wardrobe staples would fall into the high street category as opposed to high end. Straight to the top of the class for you Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece! Do you think being a princess give you too much of an advantage in the yummy mummy stakes?! 


notSupermum said...

Interesting article in the Telegraph, but hardly an everyday mum is she?! But still, you can compete with her on the shoe front - get the Louboutins on for the school run as soon as they are fixed!

Btw, I hope you don't mind but I've 'tagged' you.

workthatwardrobe said...

Great blog you have here. Hope the day goes well. My daughter starts High School today and my seldest on starts sixth form!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

That's so funny you writing about this because a friend of mine came to visit yesterday and come 2.30 she got all flustered and said 'I've got to go home and change before picking Will up from school'. Obviously she wasn't naked, or in her pjs or dressed as a clown - she looked lovely. But when I quizzed her on it she said all the schoolgate mums looked so immaculate with full make up and their best gear on. WHAT? I am so so not buying into that nonsense. Dolling yourself up to pick your child up from school? That way madness lies.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ooh, it's like looking in the mirror. I often wear my hotpants for the school run...
I dream of wearing the stuff they describe in the Telegraph. Instead I do the converse and jeans lazy ness. Hmph. Actually now feeling completely inadequate. Again!!