Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Natural High

Leafing through Grazia this week, I was shocked at the latest picture of Amy Winehouse. You never know a) the real story or b) what they might have done to the photograph to increase it's newsworthy factor but it's fairly obvious things look pretty bad in either case.  

To find yourself being ravaged by drug abuse whether you're a rock star or an ordinary Joe is not a concept I can understand. Yes, I smoked a couple of "organic" cigarettes when I was a lot younger but not only was I way too chicken to try anything else, I wasn't remotely intrigued as to how it might feel to be out of control and at the mercy of some chemical that I'd never heard of yet alone could be sure was safe to mess with!  I have always been of the mindset that life, for whatever reason, must feel pretty crap if you have to be off your head to get high.

But then I thought about my own addictions: love, shopping, fashion magazines, red wine and food... nothing illegal or life threatening there... but addictive all the same! Did my pulse race and palms get clammy today when I took these beautiful boots the till today? Hell Yes! When we take Small Child on her first London trip next weekend, will I be able to come out of Harvey Nichols without buying anything? I doubt it. Will I be watching every single episode of the new Candace Bushnell series, Lipstick Jungle? Hello... it's me you're reading! You know there will be red wine and a starter that has to accompany the main course and I know not everyone will get the same thrill as I do as when I open a brand new copy of In-Style and flick through the pages for the first time! 

And don't even get me started on love!  That must be why this afternoon, when I was stood in the kitchen with the sun streaming in, dinner cooking, a track by Passenger playing and yes, a glass of red on the side, listening to the sound of my husband and daughter playing in the garden... I swear my heart almost stopped there for a minute. I think we all have some sort of addiction, I think I'm just lucky that mine aren't of the headline grabbing variety.  


eveymoo said...

We are so on the same wavelength - new boots purchased from nine west at the weekend alsoXXX

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Hmm. You are a bit of a shoe addict aren't you? I dread to think what the inside of your wardrobe looks like - probably shoes to rival a Hollywood starlet!
Your daughter is going to be in pig heaven when she realises the importance of shoes and accessories.
And I think it's absolutely wonderful that you rank love for your family up there. Just imagine what you'll be like when you and your daughter are out shopping together and getting all giggly about a trip to Harvey Nics!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I like your addictions - mine are quite similar. Except replace the red wine with vodka and tonic. Due to credit crunch my shopping addiction has taken a back seat. I am practically grieving...

Yummy Mummy said...

it's been a bad week for the yummy mummy (see blog post). But I wanted to let you know I've missed reading your blog and writing! I am back now and can't wait to keep in touch.



auntiegwen said...

Oh yes, your auntie has very similar addictions, my chidren, the shopping, copious consumption of glossy magazines, glasses of the falling down stuff and himself, yep addicted to all of them x

Mom/Mum said...

We have the same addicitns! Love it!
Just had to write and say thanks for your totally hilarious comment on my spam emails blog the other day "sex in my box" LOL!