Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'm "it"!

Yes.....I am it!  No I've not become an overnight "It" girl sensation nor have I gone off and got a job in I.T. I've been tagged by notSupermum ... first Tag! I've seen them happening in the blogosphere and watched from the fringes, but up until today, have remained a tag virgin! Unlike notSupermum I am not such a quick learner...especially after a couple of glasses of Shiraz of an evening! I searched on Blogger Help for tags but it talked about HTML and widgets etc. Hhmmm...ask me one on shoes or tantrums and I might be able to help you!   
I know that HTML is a basic programming language and I copy/paste it to put widgets on my blog... and that ladies and gentlemen is the extent of my knowledge on the subject! I figure that when I'm rich and famous I will employ my own "Louise from St Louis" to run my website leaving me free to concentrate on the creative input!

But as NSM says.... it's basically a game of You're It... now that I can do! So forgive me if I've done this wrong but here goes!
1. Where Where You Ten Years Ago?
Approaching 30, living in a flat backing onto a river and train track (I got used to the noise surprisingly quickly!) and in a very bad relationship that was on/off at least twice before I finally kicked the useless MF into touch! (No prizes for guessing what those initials stand for!!)
2. What's on Your To Do List Today?
Oohh... lists! I love lists - I am Monica! 
Wash Small Child's sheets; she spilled water on her spare ones.
Go and see my friend E and her two little-un's... and her new Carvela and Kurt Geiger shoes!
Do some sodding ironing before I can honestly say (for once) "I have nothing to wear"!
3. What If you Were A Billionaire?
I would be giving new Louis Vuitton bags to my friends to say thanks for putting up with me.
I would have paid off the mortgages for all immediate family and a couple of close friends who have been my family forever.
And right now as I'm typing this...I would be sipping a champagne cocktail at 60 Thompson in New York with Other Half and Small child - sigh!
4. Five Places You have Lived?
There have only been three and all in the south of England. Put number 3 into play and ask me again!
5. Three Bad Habits?
Red wine, shopping and procrastination when I'm suffering from lack of self confidence.
6. Snacks You Like?
Yes please! Salted popcorn, potato chipsticks and cheese.... Bad Bad Bad! 
7. Who Will You Tag?
That's a toughie! But for now it will have to be... Yummy Mummy, Lucy & I and Confused Take That Fan

Did I get it right notSupermum?


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Ok miss popular, don't let it go to your head, but I also would like to shower you with praise!
I have a award for you at my pad . . .

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Hi lovely lady. Thanks for tagging me. I am off to a wedding so instead of writing this I should be packing, cleaning, etc. so I will do my little list and tags on Sunday... Thanks for the tag. Love your blog! Adding you to my blogroll too!

Elsie Button said...

Hello, just found you - love the blog. and i agree with you about this html lark - beyond me