Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Monday was my first day working from home and it was all very exciting! I have decided to be very disciplined about this and vow never to be found busy typing away in my PJ's, hair unwashed with the television blaring in the background! 
Seeing as we don't have space for an office/study type room I decided to set myself up on the dining table. If we did have a room designated as such, I'm sure that Other Half would have claimed it by now as his "den" and it would contain such things as a play station/x-box/Wii type contraption, all his books, camera equipment, trumpet and, I'm 100% certain that Mac would definitely be locked away in there! A bit like I've claimed the spare room as a dressing room/wardrobe overspill/shoe collection exhibition I guess!  

Back to the dining table! Mac already has permanent residency at the end of it, only being relegated to the top of the book case when we need all six place settings! He is officially now our second child and we refer to him by name in a bid to silence those pesky critics! 
I got up and got ready as normal and we were all able to enjoy the first meal of the day together as it was Small Child's first day at pre-school as well, meaning no more nursery breakfasts. I also now have the added bonus of no longer having to break my neck to get to work to attend a morning meeting every day at 8.30! Bliss!

I met up with my new BA to collect a dictaphone full of inventories for typing. I hope she doesn't mind me referring to her as Business Associate... it was the only set of initials I could think of! I'm probably more like her PA actually but that feels a little bizarre as I'm tons older and it's her own business so I'm  thinking BA is a good alternative. To quote someone I know, this lady is one smart cookie and I hope I can prove to be an asset to her in the long term.  
So with the same work head on that I would have in an office, I got started and by the end of the day I realised the positives of working at home definitely outweigh the negatives!

I look up from the computer and see our garden but unfortunately have to listen to periodic yapping from small psycho terrier next door who barks at his own shadow! I get to make my own tea and coffee, although I am trying to stick to water in order to stay hydrated as opposed to caffeinated! Which leads nicely onto the fact that I can use my own toilet! Work (and public) toilets provide me with so many dilemmas that I could devote a whole separate post to them... and in the fullness of time I'm sure I will! 
Then there's the familiarity of your own surroundings.... and ever-so-slightly wacky neighbours! It's good to see that the one next door with OCD still goes out on the driveway at least 11 times a day to check that the car isn't rolling away and the handbrake is still on. Actually terrier beast belongs to her thus proving the old saying that dogs take after their owners! 

So, all in all I decided that the mild ache between my shoulder blades caused by sitting in a stupid position on the aforementioned dining chair was far better than having to have my hands prized off the steering wheel and my teeth un-gritted after the four times a week race to nursery in rush hour traffic!


notSupermum said...

Congrats on getting through the first day unscathed. Hope it all goes well in the future!

that girl ? said...

Thanks NSM! If the PJ and chip fat hair thing sets in please give me a bloggy kick up the butt!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your 1st day went smoothly and you can see the positives from working at home.Just don't start on the red wine too early!!!BJJB