Saturday, 13 September 2008

A Little Slice Of Holiday Time

Talk about polar opposites - today couldn't have been more different to yesterday's outlook - both in terms of my disposition and the weather!

I sat here yesterday completely uninspired by the grey skies, constant rain and my persistent bad mood.  The fact that I had a distinct lack of bloggy thoughts for the first time in four months did nothing to appease my unease. I put it down to hormones, tiredness (a lethal combination in itself!) and how crap I was feeling about doing a rubbish job of being a wife.  Following a couple of weeks with some difficult family and job stuff, Other Half was feeling somewhat neglected as I channelled all my energies into leaving old job, getting new job, being a mum, the writing bug and all the other flotsam and jetsam that drift around in my head! 
One and a half bottles of red, an order of Chinese food and a long, healthy discussion later, all was well again in the house of the Three Musketeers!

Today was a complete contrast starting with my gem of a Small Child sleeping in until 9.00... yes that's right people... 9 a bloody clock! The fact that spending two and a half hours in my PJ's finishing off an inventory for a six bedroom furnished house didn't even bother me, was testament to my new and improved mood! I began to wonder if Other Half had given me a frontal lobotomy during the night!

We then went into town and headed off for a late lunch. On autopilot to Starbucks we passed a tapas restaurant where people were seated outside in the afternoon sunshine. It was at the point that Other Half said he really fancied a beer, I thought why not? Having checked out the kids menu to make sure there was something that Small Child would be happy with, she then proceeded to help herself to our calamari, spicy chicken wings, tortilla and spinach salad! 
I'm sure that one large followed by one small glass of red helped, but we sat there as chilled as if we were on holiday again! 

High on wine, a tall latte, a mini shop-fest of Touche Eclat and candle from Space NK that smells of clean linen, I then declared that if Other Half ever got offered an actuary position in New York, he should take it and we should emigrate! Well..... we were in the travel section of the bookshop at the time and seeing the Lonely Planet Guide side by side with the Ultimate Shopping Guide to NYC just set me off! (Now there's a book I could have written!)  Besides, Small Child does the best New Jersey accent so I'm sure she'd go down a storm stateside! 


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I fear if ever you emigrated to NYC you would be declared bankrupt within the first 3 months! Shopaholic + major shopping city = financial meltdown. Or should that be personal heaven? Hmm not sure now . . .

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Sounds like you had a nice wine fuelled weekend, complete with dreams of emigrating. Aah, sounds very much like the conversation we have every Sunday after reading the travel section or property section. Let me know if you decide to go - we may well join you!