Thursday, 14 August 2008


Oooh...hark... is that the sound of thatgirl bouncing back? I believe it is! Seeing as I am the eternal optimist and a glass half full kind of gal, it doesn't normally take me long to find the positive in a situation. Some people might consider that a good thing but I'm sure that others find it ever so slightly irritating! I am the one that Billy Crystal refers to when he accuses Meg Ryan of being "one of those annoyingly happy people who puts little hearts above her i's" in the movie "When Harry Met Sally"!

So, I am soon to be jobless again (from Friday 29 August to be precise)...well I've done it before and I can do it again! Maybe next time I'll get the tee shirt to prove it! As per the title of my blog, I did actually get to thinking (it does happen from time to time I'll have you know!), and, for now, I'm done with the world of work. By that I mean I mean going to an office for x number of days a week to work.
Small Child has one more year to go before school and by bizarre coincidence she's due to start pre school on my first non work day. I had already decided that I want to do something to fit around school hours next year so perhaps now is the time to start laying the foundations. I'm hoping to explore a couple of things that will allow me to do some admin work from home which means I actually get to be here more and keep on top of all the normal stuff that we can never fit in now (i.e. washing, ironing, food shopping, cleaning!). Pre school equals me time, so I plan to fit in more writing and a healthier lifestyle. I have a beach to run along for goodness sake which costs nothing except time and effort, both of which I aim to have more of.

Maybe I'll go crazy not having regular work inter-action with people who aren't really small and throw a tantrum because they have Marmite in their sandwiches instead of honey, but I'm willing to try it and see what happens! And for now, it will mean more Primark, less Prada but I think any fashionista worth her salt can adapt to that and still look good!
To quote my dear departed, wise Grandma again (she always did like the last word!) - "A change is as good as a rest dear"! No doubt I'll keep you posted on this new version of my life, interspersed with a few shoe and handbag rants and hopefully it will provide some more material for the blog/column/book deal/movie rights....oh be quiet......a girl can dream!