Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Grocery Groupie

Is it possible to remain cool and apparently unconcerned when you spot a celebrity going about the mundane duties of everyday life?

I repeatedly ask myself this question after getting over excited whenever I see a member of a certain boy band, currently enjoying a resurgence in the pop world, in my local supermarket? Seeing as they have been away for some time I guess that would now make them a man band, especially as the singer in question brings his daughter along food shopping.
Purely from an aesthetics perspective you understand, it's good to see that the years have been kind! In actual fact I would say that seeing him wheeling his very cute child around in her bugaboo, increases his "Sexy Domesticated Dad" and "Celebrity Dad" factor. A powerful combination is it not?

OK....if you must know it's Howard Donald from Take That; I'm impressed that I was able to wait for two whole paragraphs before name dropping! In order to preserve his private life and avoid him having to put up with grinning idiots like me bothering him whilst he buys bacon and broccoli, please note that I am not stating which supermarket or where! (Because my web presence is obviously increasing at a phenomenal rate!!)
Other Half first spotted him in there but neglected to tell me until they released their comeback single, Patience and started popping up on every television channel and radio station. He then casually piped up "Oh look at that...I saw him in blank the other day!" Um hello? Why was I not informed of this momentous sighting at the time? Probably because he knew that a broccoli and bacon incident would have been on the cards!

We were in there with friends on New Years eve gathering provisions for a night of food and festivities when he spotted him again. Having learned his lesson, Other Half did point him out this time, using the voice out of the corner of the mouth technique whilst begging me not to stare...or drool! Cue much elbowing, giggling and surreptitious glancing from me and aforementioned Norwegian friend!
I'm useless at spotting him myself - another time when he was apparently stood right next to me choosing pizza, I was so busy trying to keep Small Child under control that I didn't even realise!

So if you're a celebrity and you happen to see someone lurking in the cereal aisle with camera, paper and pen in hand, please run away as fast as you can so that I am not forced to make a prize pilchard of myself!

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