Thursday, 21 August 2008

If Small Child Could Blog....

... her account of our day off might go something like this!

I woke mummy up by coming into her bedroom wearing my PJ's and chef's outfit, carrying a plate full of plastic chips, pizza, steak and a roast chicken from my Disney princess kitchen and told her I'd made her Breakfast at Tiffany's! Think that might be her favourite movie as she's always rambling on about it!
Once I'd jumped up and down on her a few times saying that I was starving - she finally took me down stairs for breakfast but only after she dressed me in something kooky and not at all what I wanted to wear!

Mummy asked me what I'd like to do so I said the usual - why she even has to ask I don't know; the fact that she even suggested lunch at home for a change was beyond me! Purlease...when have I ever gotten babycino's at home?
Before we got to the coffee shop she dragged in me into four different shops where she tried on twice as many pairs of jeans! She was very specific about them being a certain shade and certain fit that would go with her tan Ugg boots for winter; if I was her I'd stick with the wellys! 
She also needed to go for a wee in Marks and Spencer's (she was muttering something about if I'd carried a watermelon that bounced on my bladder for nine months then I'd understand?).
But I didn't mind cos it meant that I got to ride on two escalators where I was able to turn around and grin inanely at the man behind me and act coy! It was only when mummy made a quick rescue manoeuvre that I realised I should have probably been looking out for the step off! oh well...maybe next time! 

We finally got to the coffee shop and I managed to grab some books to read on the way through - Jeremy Clarkson was one of them - I'm his biggest fan! All the old ladies and the waiter thought it was really funny when I yelled "wheres my babycino?" across the store. Well.... mummy was taking ages getting it! I've noticed that she just shrugs and looks kind of helpless when I do stuff like that; a bit like she did when I knocked over her water ten minutes later.
My favourite parts of the whole trip out were when mummy bought me some pink ugg type boots from Next.
I just look the absolute bees knees in them. Think I'll see if I can wear them to bed, nursery, in the garden, in really big deep puddles... in fact everywhere! It's a bit like Mummy's cost per wear justification that she's always going on about!  The other good bit was when I got to sit in the Barney Train outside the shops; I didn't want Mummy to actually put money in it to make it go but she only got that when I threw a major strop. Some parents don't know when they've got it good! 

My day was complete when daddy came home - I was so excited that I decided that I would do some naked bundling! This entailed me stripping off and jumping on him whist yelling "BUNDLE!!" at the top of my voice! Can't understand why he wanted to stop playing just because I let rip - I did own up to it after all!

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