Monday, 11 August 2008

Pixie Boots Ahoy!

Oh how I loved the days of vodka and orange, legwarmers, new romantics, shoulder pads, ra-ra skirts, Flock of Seagulls hair cuts, Smash Hits magazine and John Hughes movies. Every decade resurfaces occasionally so it's no surprise that all things 80's pop up on my radar often, but imagine my sheer delight when I came across this's official, Molly Ringwald is still cool! She of Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club fame, is a style icon!

Weird Science, Some Kind Of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off were all examples of Hughes' genius.They were the feature length Friends episodes of their time, little slices of feel good, teen angst-ridden tales that I can watch over and over! Not to mention other such masterpieces as Flashdance, St Elmo's Fire, Footloose and Fame!

I survived my own teen angst era by channelling Andi from Pretty in Pink, wanting to be a female welder called Alex with a penchant for legwarmers and Flashdancing or imagining how cool it would be if I could play the drums just like Mary Stewart Masterson's character, Watts, in Some Kind Of Wonderful. Hhmm...have just noticed that all of these were girls with boys names...slightly worrying no?

I saw Duran Duran in concert twice, met Boy George and Steve Strange from Visage at a record store signing, dressed up as Lucky Star Madonna every time I was allowed out on a Saturday night and managed to get my hand on Paul Young's knee whilst he sang "Wherever I Lay My Hat"! Ah the heady days of my youth!


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I am so with you on the 80s thing. Smash Hits mag yes! Pretty in Pink, yes yes! Duran Duran . . . my god, you are such a girl after my own heart!
I met Simon Le Bon once, Ali Campbell used to live in the flat above my mum and dad's and I lived LIVED in my pixie boots.

that girl ? said...

Other Half thinks there is a very strong possibility that we may have been separated at birth!! Is there something you're not telling me??