Friday, 1 August 2008

That's A First!

There's something about the first day of the month that always inspires me into a new start... it's as if New Years day happens twelve times a year for me! Past examples of my "This is the month when..." mentality are:

I will get fit and eat more healthily
I will drink less red wine
I will not let the ironing pile resemble Mount Everest
I will stop quick fix bargain shopping and only buy classic investment pieces
I will read more books instead of watching re-runs of Friends
I will start writing
I will not use bribery to get Small Child to behave

I guess one out of seven isn't bad in eight months!

What is it about the concept of reinvention that's so attractive? I would imagine that for the likes of Madonna it's become her trademark, a chance to further an illustrious career and continue to express herself and captivate her audience. For the likes of me it's the chance to try and right my irksome traits that niggle away in my head whilst I'm driving/trying to sleep/cleaning the bathroom! Perhaps it's an ingrained thing from my childhood when my mother would tell me "It's time to turn over a new leaf young lady and change your ways"!

So when I woke up on my shiny new day this morning, the handful of Small Child's Smarties that I ate yesterday were magically erased from my thoughts, I felt smug that I didn't have any wine last night in the company of Rachel, Monica & co and instead used the time to reach base camp of Mount Laundry! Perhaps I could stick to this new improved me if I wore more conical bra's and took up Ashtanga yoga?


coco said...

Good intentions never seem to last long. I ran loads last month and this week I have done nothing at all!

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with a little red wine... isn't it supposed to be actually good for you?

And I'm hoping you actually like my blog and not replying out of courtesy... =) said...

We should attempt those feats together one day...I have the same list. Don't forget to enter my contest by the 4th it's for a $100 Fig Kids or Twice Shy gc. Cute stuff.