Saturday, 30 August 2008

Shoegate Update (Or.... Cobblers Continued)

Just look at my poor broken babies, lying there helpless on the dining room table - yes I know it's bad luck to put shoes on the table but seriously, can you get anymore unlucky than a Louboutin breaking on the first outing! 
If you can bear to look, you can just about see the silver screw poking out of the one laid down. OK, I know... cover your eyes again now!

So... nothing from the main Louboutin email address in France -Mon Dieu, Sacre Bleu, Merde!!  I did find a contact telephone number for a CL store in Knightsbridge, London but was slightly put off by the customer experience reviews. Roughly half said the staff were snobby and unhelpful and I had no wish to be treated to a Pretty Woman-esque "We have nothing for you in this store - please leave!" scenario over the phone! 

However.... in typical New York can-do customer service fashion, Saks Fifth Avenue responded to an email within a couple of hours saying they would look into it. And then just now they sent another saying that they would repair them free of charge if I sent them over and were extremely apologetic!  The only down side of that would be the cost of airborne carrier plus insuring them to arrive and be returned safely. Now I would have happily accompanied the shoes in person if they were prepared to stump up the air fare - obviously, seeing as they're Louboutins, we would have had to have travelled first class! Meanwhile back on Planet Reality.....

I think I will ask them to post me a few spare heel tips and just take them to a reputable shoe repairer if I can find such a place! If the lovely Norma P from Saks E-commerce team can deliver then I will be more than happy and back in Louboutin paradise once more!

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Yummy Mummy said...

Those beautiful shoes look so sad.......I think you are best off getting the caps and taking them to someone good. I get mine re-done every two wears so they will stay fresh. Good luck!