Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Broken Hearted Over A Broken Louboutin

The wedding is over, the happy couple are enjoying their honeymoon as I type, some sense of normality has been restored to the house...and it all feels a bit flat! "Groomy" (the artist formerly known as BIL), stayed with us the night before the festivities with Small Son who, together with Small Child, managed to get so wound up with excitement that they reached screaming pitch just in time for bath and bed!

Other Half did a fab job as best man and took all his duties so seriously that he was like a cat on hot bricks all morning whilst BIL sat back and just let it all wash over him! With a little help from two glasses of champagne before the ceremony I managed to not fluff my readings and speak loud enough so that most people could hear. BIL and Other Half spend their entire lives saying pardon whenever I speak and accuse me of being too softly spoken, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it's down to selective hearing as no one else seems to have a problem! Apart from Small Child of course but she's three so that doesn't count!

Disaster struck the Louboutin's - the sodding heel tip broke off which left me with a nice silver screw head poking out of the bottom of the heel! You can only imagine the expletives that were uttered as all my worst shoe horrors were bought to life in front of my very eyes! I took them to the shoe menders this week and they said that they don't have any tips that small so I'll have to have metal ones - no thanks! So, in the spirit of taking it straight to the top, I have emailed Monsieur Louboutin in the hope that he can come to my rescue and be my knight in shining red soles - I'll keep you posted! If any of you shoe-a-holics out there have any suggestions please let me know as I'm sure you can appreciate my dilemma; I shall not rest until my babies are restored to their former glory. Now I know exactly how Carrie felt when Miranda's water broke all over her beautiful pink pair!

Apologies for the lack of posts this week but what with weddings, bank holiday weekends and last day at job (tomorrow), its all been a bit crazed! Still, as of Monday I will definitely have more time on my hands to try and achieve all the stuff I can't at the moment, including writing. We'll see how this next phase of the 39 And Counting pans out! And it's the first of the month - you know how I love those "New Me" dates!  


notSupermum said...

Well done on going straight to the top to solve the Shoegate problem. I'd have done exactly the same thing - let us know how you get on. Love the blog btw, have been waiting for you to tell us how the wedding went! If it's ok with you I'd like to put a link to your blog onto mine.

that girl ? said...

Thanks notsupermum! I will be keeping the Louboutin progress on line. If nothing from the top then its off to SAKS Fifth Ave next...sadly only via email and not in person!
Lets hope these top notch designer peeps offer top notch customer service!!